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Saturday, January 18, 2014


"Matrira ang Matibay" (1958)
Tamaraw Pictures
Release Date March 11-18, 1958/ Center
Direction Alex Sunga
Cast Cesar Ramirez, Quiel Segovia,Ramon D' Salva, Joe Sison, Mario Barri, Martin Marfil, Bert Olivar, Ding Tello, Flor Bien, Vicente Liwanag, Pedro Faustino/ Introducing Irene Worrell and Rocky Rogers

Synopsis: Thirteen convicts escape from Muntinglupa during the confusion of the liberation battle. Only nine are lucky enough to gain freedom and they strike out for the hills of Montalban. There, they meet Cesar and Enteng, two ex-USAFFE men who have just escaped from a Japanese concentration camp. A struggle for leadership, follows and Cesar wins out and gets the doubtful loyalty of the convicts.

In the course of their search for food, they come across a beautiful girl, Nene, bathing in a river. The effect of the sight of a beautiful girl on the convicts who had not seen a girl for years is devastating. Were it not for the fact that she knows how to use a gun had not Cesar and Enteng defended her, she would have been ravished by these men. The conflict gets worse when the men discover that the girl's grandfather, Mang Pedro, is guarding a treasure in cash and bullions which belongs to the Philippine government and which he intends to return as soon as the war is over.

A fight for the girl and the treasures ensue among the convicts and their lust and greed eventually make them kill each other. Mang Pedro is also killed but before he dies, he makes Cesar and Nene promise that as soon as the war is over, they would return the treasure to the Philippine government. Cesar and Nene give him their promise.
(Source: Literary Song-Movie Magazine)

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