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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Two Palito movies came out in the market recently, "Walang Matigas na Buto sa Gutom na Aso" and "Kumander Ahmed Kalansalay." The late Palito, a well-loved comedian known for his sunken hollow eyes and thin-reed body, appeared in many Philippine films mostly in supporting roles. His career came to peak during the 80's when he starred in several comedy movies parodying American action films, such as Rambuto, a Rambo spoof, the title being a pun of the Tagalog word 'buto' which means 'bone', again to capitalize on his being 'thin-boned', and a James Bond spoof, James Bone where he plays an emaciated version of the secret agent.


James DR said...

Simon, it's "Kumander Ahmed Kalansalay", not ...Kalansay. Nung una, akala ko rin Kalansay yung nasa title dahil sa kapayatan niya.

Video 48 said...

Salamat James! Mas maganda yata ang "Kalansay" hahaha!

James DR said...

Oo nga, eh! Mas bagay yung title sa kanya!


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