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Friday, January 28, 2011


Regarded as Severino Reyes' masterpiece, Walang Sugat broadly underscores the injustice of Spanish rule even as it dances around the cruel fate of the young lovers Tenyong and Julia with humor and song. Set in the final leg of the Philippine Revolution, Tenyong is forced to leave behind his childhood sweetheart Julia to join the Katipunan. Meanwhile, Julia's mother pressures her into marrying the wealthy Miguel instead. With no word from Tenyong as the battle prolongs, Julia gives in, but her wedding is interrupted by the fatally wounded Tenyong, who returns with a dying wish. (Internet Source)

"Walang Sugat" (1939)
Filippine Films
Release Date: June 6-14, 1939/ Strand Theater
Director Enrique Herrera- Davila
Based on the immortal operetta by Severino Reyes
Cast Rosa del Rosario and Leopoldo Salcedo

"Walang Sugat" (1957)- Stars Mario Montenegro, Charito Solis, Tony Santos, Vic Silayan, Joseph de Cordova, Oscar Keesee, Jose Vergara, Arturo Moran, Rosa Aguirre, Fe Galves, Tont Dantes/ Directed by Lamberto Avellana

Mario Montenegro and Charito Solis in "Walang Sugat" (1957)

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