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Monday, January 31, 2011


To open the second batch of films for Overlooked Films, Underrated Filmmakers, the Society of Filipino Archivists for Film (SOFIA) will be screening “Isang Gabi…Tatlong Babae” on February 5 (2011), Saturday, 2 p.m. at Tanghalang Manuel Conde, Cultural Center of the Philippines. The movie, directed by Elwood Perez, starred Amalia Fuentes, Boots Anson-Roa, Pilar Pilapil, Luis Gonzales, Ricky Belmonte, Ramil Rodriguez, Ray Marcos and Orestes Ojeda.
"Amalia Fuentes played a bored socialite who seduces her stepson, played by Orestes Ojeda; Boots Anson-Roa played a laundry woman, a rape victim who falls for her tormentor (played by Ray Marcos) and Pilar Pilapil played a haughty model who pretended to be rich—a social climber." (more on the article, click here)
Ms. Amalia Fuentes, Ms. Boots Anson-Roa and director Elwood Perez have confirmed their attendance to the screening. Not to be missed!

Ray Marcos and Angelito

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Anonymous said...

I watched this gem of a camp movie in the 1980s when it was broadcast on Channel 7. I even got to tape it on Betamax and my brother had it transferred to VHS and gave a copy to his friend, director Elwood Perez. The first episode is my favorite as it has so many campy quotable quotes. Noteworthy is the pool party hosted by the late Lilian Laing. The party guests were a who's who of the creme de la creme of gay society in the mid-1970s: Ernest Santiago, Dante Ramirez, Pando, and even a young Fanny Serrano. Lilian Laing (as Dona "Extra, gusto mo pang maging bida" Telon)and Mona Lisa (as Chona "Excuse me, I'll just powder my nose" Veloso) were perhaps parodies of the society hostesses of the time. The models Ellen Esguerra, Francis Alday, Didith Reyes (?), and Pilar Pilapil were plucked out of lunchtime fashion shows in vogue at the time. Even the parlor scene is a gem. Amalia Fuentes (ang Jacqueline Onnasis ng Pilipinas) asks social climber Pilar Pilapil if she lived in the same condominium. Her answer was "Malapit na!", though the truth was she lived in a shanty with her labandera/adoptive mother, Anita Linda. Also giving comic relief was the late Sandy Garcia who played an alalay to Pilar "Strict ang parents ko"Pilapil. His confrontation scene with Ricky Belmonte is just hilarious. Even the revelation scene wherein Mona Lisa tells Pilar "You were a mistake, darling" (while clutching a big duck in a tropical gothic mansion somewhere in Pasay) is worthy of a Tennessee Williams play (e.g.Suddenly Last Summer). The burial scene of Anita Linda and Pilar's pagwawala, although cribbed from Imitation of Life with Pilar playing the Susan Kohner role, is camp melodrama in the extreme. I wanted to go but I had to do some errands. Why don't they show this again on TV via Cinema One? Cork Reyes, QC

cinemasuerte said...

im glad may screening yong ilang classic movies natin...sanay maiscreening din ang "SAPAGKAT KAMI AY TAO LAMANG",1960'S movie...tagal ko ng hinahanap ito...paboritong movie ito ni ruby regala

Muzik Queen said...

DAPAT ipalabas ito sa through ABS CBN RESTORATION films - Thank you sa review mo , iba talaga ang films noong araw , mas pulido mas matino!



should re issue and released


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