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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Its experience vs. youth as Añejo and Purefoods clashed in the 1988 PBA All-Filipino championship best of seven series. Ageless and basketball legend Robert ‘Big J’ Jaworski and his bunch of do-or-die Añejo Rhum65ers won the PBA All-Filipino crown beating the young and powerhouse Purefoods Hotdogs led by Alvin Patrimonio and Jerry Codiñera.

Photo: PBA 20 Years in Pictures/ 1994

The Line-ups:

Añejo Rhum: Robert Jaworski (playing coach), Chito Loyzaga, Rudy Distrito, Dondon Ampalayo, Joey Loyzaga, Romulo Mamaril, Leo Isaac, Dante Gonzalgo, Harmon Codiñera

Purefoods Hotdogs: Ramon Fernandez (short stint), Alvin Patrimonio, Jerry Codiñera, Jojo Lastimosa, Glenn Capacio, Padim Israel, Totoy Marquez, Jayvee Yango, Willie Generelao, Jojo Villapando/ Coach- Cris Calila

Here are the TV clips of Game 5 won by Añejo in overtime. This was one of the best games in the series wherein Añejo, down by 19 points in the third quarter, rallied in the fourth period. After a series of fierce exchanges of baskets and lead changes, Añejo finally downed the gallant Purefoods team in the extra period. Savor the moments--- Jaworski at his fighting best---

Clip 1 of 3/ Courtesy of Philippine Basketball Association (PBA)

Clip 2 of 3/ Courtesy of Philippine Basketball Association (PBA)

Clip 3 of 3/ Courtesy of Philippine Basketball Association (PBA)


Anonymous said...

hey this is great stuff.
i was a fan of this time, way back when i was innocent.

Anonymous said...

this team pala.
a fan of the magic man.
mr. injured

Anonymous said...

i remember that as a 12 yr old kid(something like that) i was given advice by harmon codinera on how to be a good basketball player. he showed me a trick shot of shooting the ball via your hip by going behind the back and said i should keep practicing that shot in order to be a good basketball player.
looking back, now i know why his career didn't turn out well.

Anonymous said...

This was the game that made me a Barangay fan for life and not to mention a Basketball fan for eternity.

I was 7 when this was happening, great stuff! A definite classic, how I wish the PBA would show great games from the 80's and 90's but alas they don't... :(

Anonymous said...

i Think you have missed Ed Ducut a center forward, and Mukesh Advani, guard of indian decent for the anejo team, tano salazar was also on the team.while on the purefoods side Alfonso Solis, a guard also donned the jersey of the hotdogs.

Anonymous said...


here's the anejo rum 65ers minus romulo mamaril.

Philippine Basketball Articles said...

Al Solis played only 1 game in the series, and it was in Game 1, he got injured, Al and Ramon Fernandez were not able to play after that, as we all know Fernandez got bench by Purefoods management.


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