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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


The local entertainment industry has lost yet another of its veteran actors in Bernard Bonnin who passed away Saturday, Nov. 21. He was 71. Bonnin, whose death came two days after Johnny Delgado’s demise on Nov. 19, died of multiple organ failure due to diabetes. A week prior, Bonnin was confined due to a stroke.Concerns about the health of the former LVN star hit the headlines a few years back when he suffered a stroke that required him to use a wheel chair thereafter.

Bonnin, the half-Spanish father of beauty queen Charlene Gonzales-Muhlach and actor Richard Bonnin, catapulted to fame via the movie “Alyas Palos." The 1961 popular komiks serial of Virgilio and Nestor Redondo was serialized eight times with only Bonnin playing the lead character.
ABS-CBN remade “Palos” into a TV series in 2008 starring Jake Cuenca and with Bonnin in a support role.

Dubbed the “Pretty Boy of the 60s,” Bonnin starred in over 170 movies in a career that spanned four decades. Some of these films were Bakas ng Gagamba, Sa Ilalim ng Bandila, Magnum, Pedrong Hunyango, Target: Captain Karate, and his first film, Ay Pepita.

Bonnin has a son with former love team Lourdes Medel, and two more with non-showbiz wife, Digna, whom he was living with at the time of his death. The actor’s remains lie at the Heritage Park in Taguig City.

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Left- "Sparring Partner" (1959)- Stars Lou Salvador, Jr., Marita Zobel, Chona Sandoval, Bernard Bonnin, Oscar Obligacion, Lourdes Medel/ Directed by Artemio Marquez

Right- "Unos sa Laot" (1960)- Stars Nestor de Villa, Charito Solis, Bernard Bonnin, Lourdes Medel/ Directed by Susana C. de Guzman

Left- "Walang Pangalan" (1960)- Stars Lilia Dizon, Bernard Bonnin, Lourdes Medel, Hector Reyes, Robert Campos/ Directed by Fred Daluz

Right- "Tanglaw sa Dilim" (1961)- Stars Marita Zobel, Bernard Bonnin, Luz Valdez, Robert Campos/ Directed by Susana C. de Guzman

"Patsamba-tsamba" (1964)- Stars Nida Blanca, Mina Aragon and Bernard Bonnin/ Directed by Nemesio E. Caravana

"Simbangis ng Tigre" (1964)- Stars Amalia Fuentes, Bernard Bonninm Van de Leon, Carol Varga, Chichay, Rodolfo 'Boy' Garcia, Apeng Daldal/ Directed by Tony Cayado

"Pedrong Hunyango" (1965)- Stars Bernard Bonnin, Lourdes Medel, Vic Silayan, Rosalinda, Jose Vergara and Malony Antonio/ Directed by Tony Santos

"Karate sa Karate" (1965)- Stars Bernard Bonnin, Alberto Alonzo, Lyn D'Amour, Bessie Barredo and Vic Silayan/ Directed by George Rowe

"Duwende sa Kampanaryo" (1965)- Stars Amalia Fuentes, Bernard Bonnin, Lauro Delgado, Jose Garcia/ Directed by Nemesio E. Caravana


TheCoolCanadian said...


I didn't get the chance to work with Bernard Bonnin, because when I was involved in TV and the movies in the 1970s, he was no longer working as an actor. But, I had the opportunity to work with Charito Solis in a TV movie project called The Charito Solis Story.

Here’s some snippets based upon the story she told me.

Charito Solis was adopted by her relatives. I will no longer speak about her childhood, but when she became an actress under LVN Pictures, she was still living with her relatives and she was the... uhm...DOMESTIC HELPER.

Hence, when she was a new actress, before she can go to a location shooting, she had to finish first all the household chores assigned to her. She washed the clothes, ironed them, cooked, washed the dishes. Only after finishing these chores before she would be allowed to go out and make movies.

When she told me this, my jaws nearly dropped to the floor.

But, you might ask: What's Bernard Bonnin got to do with it?

Well, it was Charito's birthday. She asked the permission of her relative if she could cook and invite her co-actors from LVN. She was given the go signal, and the party happened.

The guests were all young movie stars, and one of them was Bernard Bonnin.

One of the actors brought alcohol. Bernard was not a drinker. But, as usual, peer pressure reigned.
Therefore, in the middle of the party, he had to rush to the bathroom to throw up. This incident irritated Charito’s relative and in front of everyone, humiliated Charito for having friends who were: MAL EDUCADO!

Charito didn’t say a thing. She was totally hurt and embarrassed but remained quiet.

Bernard Bonin faced the relative and spoke: “I was the one who messed up the bathroom. Please swear at me. Please berate me. I apologize, but it’s okay if you call me names. But please don’t blame Rose (Rosario Violeta Hernandez Solis a.k.a. Charito Solis) for my fault. Besides, she’s your relative. We have domestic helpers at home, and we treat them like family. Why do you treat Rose like dirt?”

The relative went postal and told all the guests (mostly LVN movie stars) to get out.

Bernard said: “Rose, let’s go. Come with us.”

Charito just said: “Don’t worry guys. I’ll see you all tomorrow at the studio.”

After everyone left, the relative grabbed Charito’s arms and started shaking them: “This is the last time you will invite those uneducated friends of yours in this house! Is that clear?”

Charito suddenly pushed her relative and said: “And this is the last time all of you will abuse me! Is that clear?”

It was indeed Mr. Bonnin who gave To Miss Solis the moral support that she needed for so long to finally put an end to the abuse.

Rodolfo Samonte said...

Nice story. That could be made into a movie. You seem to know a lot about the beauteous Charito Solis. I heard she had the best skin complexion in the business. Let me ask you, how true was it (tsismis,ito so you don't have to answer, hahaha) that she was Fernando Poe Jr's one true love? Nang mabasted, he went to Susan Roces.

TheCoolCanadian said...


She never mentioned this to me.

However, Miss Solis made a solemn vow to the Lord. Enduring years of abuse, she prayed:

"Allow me to become an actress. Let me fulfill this dream and I will do my best to become a very good one. Every acting assignment I do will be an offering to you. In return, I will not get married and have a family of my own."

This was the reason why she never got married.

Your right about her beautiful complexion. And no doubt, she was one of the most beautiful faces in RP movies and was also one of the most talented, plus an added bonus: she was also one of the kindest persons I've ever met.

Mr. Bonnin must have been a true heroic guy for paving the way to set a friend free from years of abuse.


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