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Sunday, November 29, 2009


Left- "Gilda" (1956)- Stars Lolita Rodriguez, Eddie Arenas, Rosa Mia, Maria Cristina, Eddie Garcia, Zeny Zabala/ Diected by Armando Garces

Right- "Pasan Ko ang Daigdig" (1987)- Stars Sharon Cuneta, Tonton Gutierrez, Mark Gil, Rey 'PJ' Abellana, Mario Montenegra, Princess Punzalan & Loretta Marquez/ Directed by Lino Brocka

When Pasan Ko ang Daigdig (starring Sharon Cuneta as Lupe) was shown in 1987, many thought it was a remake of the 1956 movie, Gilda (starring Lolita Rodriguez in the title role). Both were written by prolific writer Pablo S. Gomez. Though it differed in many ways, the two novels use the basic rag-to-riches plot and the only striking similarity is that the daughter (Gilda or Lupe), living in abject poverty, carries her crippled mother (aling Andang- played by Maria Cristina or aling Metring- Loretta Marquez) on her back as they beg for alms. Gilda was serialized in Pilipino Komiks in 1955-56 while Pasan ko ang Daigdig appeared on the pages of Aliwan Komiks in the 80s.

Here's the first installment of the komiks novel of "Gilda" and the opening film clip of the movie, "Pasan..."

Pilipino Komiks/ 1955-56/
Nobela ni Pablo S. Gomez/
Guhit ni Nestor Redondo

Unang Labas
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Courtesy of Viva Films

1 comment:

TheCoolCanadian said...


Fabulous Redondo drawings!

I've seen both movies but I prefer GILDA better than PASAN KO ANG DAIGDIG.

GILDA is well-acted, less melodramatic, and the appeal of black and white fits the subject of the film, delivering a production design that's truly stunning.

Similar effect was achieved by another PSG written story called DONATA, directed by Tony Cayado – the black and white appeal is a joy to watch. The cinematography is carefully shot and every sequence looks like a Dover black and white art that's hard to be forgotten. In fact, I still haven't seen any Tagalog film whose opening scene is as powerful as DONATA – a murder on a rainy night – a scene I still see vividly after many years have passed since I've seen the movie.

In a way, it's like watching a moving illustrated book, matching the Redondo art (for GILDA) and the NESTOR LEONIDEZ art (for DONATA). I can't remember who illustrated PASAN KO... but it would be interesting to see how it fared.

Indeed, PASAN KO... is no doubt, a rehashed version of Gilda, and the original is definitely more powerful.


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