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Monday, July 13, 2009


Lights! Camera! Action!---
The scene--- Six men armed with pistols barged into the house of actor Sonny Parsons in suburban
Marikina city as the maid opened the gate. The intruders then tied everyone up. One of them poked a gun on Parsons’ head but it did not go off. The men took the money, jewelry, cellular phones and a video camera. They then entered the girl’s bedroom, tied them up and started undressing them. Parsons tricked the intruders into believing a police patrol would be having breakfast at his house, prompting the gunmen to panic and leave. The maid then untied herself and that of Parsons. Parsons then retrieved his .45-caliber pistol and chased the gunmen, who were boarding a passenger jeepney, a public transit vehicle they commandeered. A shootout occurred and the actor killed the two men. This exciting scene was not a part of a movie Parsons was shooting, but an action-filled true-to-life real drama that took place in 2002.

Legs Katawan Babae (1981)- Stars Sonny Parsons, Mike Respall, Bernie Fineza, Joji Garcia and Mon Picazo as the "Hagibis"/ with Myrna Castillo/ Directed by Tony Ferrer

Sonny Parsons, a sharpshooter and a responsible gun owner, was once a member of the popular all-male singing group called the "Hagibis." He decided to turn solo and tried acting. He appeared in many action movies in the late 80s and early 90s. He also entered politics--- elected as a councilor in Marikina. He ran for Mayor but lost. He regularly practices and a habitual visitor in shooting ranges.

Left- Tirtir Gang (1988)- Stars Sonny Parsons as Sgt. Ernesto Ybanez, Eddie Garcia, Vivian Foz, Charlie Davao, Romy Diaz, Carol Dauden/ Directed by Willy Milan

Right- Shoot To Kill... Boy Bicol ng Angeles (1988)- Stars Sonny Parsons, Aurora Sevilla, Max Alvarado, Paquito Diaz, Philip Gamboa and Bobby Zshornack/ Directed by Jerry Tirazona & Johnny Capistrano

Left- Salisi Gang (1989)- Stars Sonny Parsons, Glenda Garcia, Berting Labra, Dick Israel, Roberto Talabis, Robert Talby, Johnny Vicar & Marithez Samson/ Directed by Leonardo Pascual

Right- Kailangan... Dapat Lumaban (1989)- Stars Sonny Parsons, Kring Kring Gonzales, Charlie Davao, Marithez Samson, Raoul Aragon, Romy Diaz, Rez Cortez/ Directed by Jerry Tirazona

Left- Boy Ahas (1989)- Stars Sonny Parsons, Marithez Samson, Charlie Davao, Nick Romano, Dick Israel, Robert Talby/ Directed by Jerry Tirazona

Right- Batang Cebu .45 (1989)- Stars Sonny Parsons,
Marithez Samson, Charlie Davao, Nick Romano, Robert Talby, Luisa Laurel, Eric Borbon / Directed by Jerry Tirazona

UZI Brothers (1989)- Stars Ronnie Ricketts and Sonny Parsons
/ Directed by Francis 'Jun' Posadas

Left- Walang Sinasanto ang Bala Ko (1990)- Stars Sonny Parsons, Aurora Sevilla, Efren Reyes, Jr., Mark Gil, Maita Sanchez / Directed by Lito Nocon

Right- Sgt. Ernesto Baliola: Tinik sa Batas (1992)- Stars Sonny Parsons, Efren Reyes, Jr., Aurora Sevilla, Dindo Arroyo, Shirley Tesoro/ Directed by Ricardo 'Bebong' Osorio


tin said...

haaaaay... ang gwapo.. grabe!!

wayne moises said...

He is the member of the rock group inspired from the American multiracial male singing group they are the Village People of the Philippines also k own as " Hagibis" that means swift fast in Tagalog former assemblyman and lead singer become action star of countless Filipino films during the 1980's and 1990's up till now and became a congressman of Marikina City and former mayor too and remains a popular celebrity.thanls for the information.from:Wayne


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