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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Sex nymphet Alma Moreno hits big in her launching movie, Ishmael Bernal’s Ligaw na Bulaklak, eventually making her a big star in 1976. Many movie projects followed that year, Mrs. Eva Fonda 16, Bakit Ako Mahihiya?, Hinog sa Pilit,Walang Karanasan, Ikaw…Ako Laban sa Mundo, Jail Break and Bitayin si… Baby Ama. And a TV stint from BBC Channel 2, in a new drama series titled “Alindog.”


TheCoolCanadian said...


This one looks familiar. He-he.
That time Alma Moreno was too busy that we had to use CHARO SANTOS, LAURICE GUILLEN, OLIVIA O'HARA, or CHARMIE BENAVIDEZ as replacements because Alma was making films left and right.

When I left the country, I heard from REBECCA CABRERA, the producer of the show, that Joel Lamangan and Lito Tiongson did some episodes. Until now, though, I still wonder how we managed to present episodes that were quite risque for TV that time, Martial Law, and the censors were brutal. Yet, we managed to present controversial themes (and one episode called LOVE TEAM that was too curiously parallel to some local showbiz rumors that time, gave us a headache casting because the actors I wanted to play the love triangle chickened out). But ROSEMARIE was a daring actress and accepted the role instantly, BERT LEROY, a fearless actor, and ROEL VERGEL DE DIOS a determined newcomer had accepted the challenge.

Yes, I had so much fun writing for Alindog, and that included as well the behind the scenes incidents. It was a time when Alma was still very young (I think she was only 17 then), and Rudy Fernandez was wooing her. Daboy was always on the set with us. But Mrs. Laxamana didn't want Alma to have a boyfriend yet and she made it known to Daboy. So, from then on, Daboy would come to the studio if Mrs. Laxamana was not there, and when she was about to arrive, he would disappear. He-he. Just like playing Hide-and-Seek. Daboy was a wonderful guy and he would had been a perfect husband for Nes.

Simon, this post made me realize how old I am now. What a bummer.

Video 48 said...

Thanks JM for sharing your thoughts and experiences--- you should have also try writing in some gossip magazines with all those behind-the-scenes escapades,ala Lolit Solis, hehehe--- fun reading your comments!!!

Gusto mo Mambabae? said...

old school porn. nice.

Pinoy Ka ba? said...

nice comment! =) very "educational" hehe

Rodolfo Samonte said...

I love Alma, especially at that young age. I thought she was the sweetest, sexiest looking actress. Suwerteng Dolphy, I always say. I never did see her in person, JM, was she really beautiful? What's your impression of her at that time?

PeterPan said...

Want to have a copy of this, just wondering where i could buy?

TheCoolCanadian said...


Alma was indeed very pretty when she was young. She was even prettier when she didn't have any make-up on. Usually, she would come to the studio on taping days not wearing make-up and that's when she really looked stunning. What's more, she never complained about kissing scenes or showing some flesh here and there. Just don't give her ENGLISH DIALOGUES. He-he. That, she hated.

Peter Pan:

Unfortunately, nothing was saved of any ALINDOG episodes. Sometimes, when we tape an episode, the studio would get a master tape of a previous episode and would tape over it. Very stupid, isn't it.

Rodolfo Samonte said...

Sayang na sayang naman. But can't really blame filmmakers then, Nobody saw the digital age coming, and that everything would be sellable in DVDs, or downloading or whatever they think of in the future. Ganun din and mga major studios noon, only few were saved. BTW, I got copies of Carmen Rosales and Rogelio dela Rosa's Ang Tangi Kong Pag-ibig and Maalaala Mo Kaya. I'm surprised these even exist (buti na lang), but the quality is bad. These need to be digitized and restored. Sa Komiks ganun din, diba, ikaw ang nagsabi tungkol doon sa mga tinapon na lang na mga orihinal. Laking kasayangan. If they only knew.

Anonymous said...

hey guys,
ask ko lang, meron pa ba ngaun nag bebenta nung mga bomba at alindog komiks? gusto ko sanang makakuha ng copy eh kasi ang gaganda ng mga ilustrations and komiks na un eh. where do you think can i get a copy of those comics?

zachzybel said...

She was really Bankable' that time.Once a very hot property.Today a beautiful public servant.Goodluck Ms.Alma!


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