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Thursday, July 2, 2009


Pirated dvds and cds, such as shown on the right image above, are selling fast since the death of Pop King Michael Jackson.

In 1996, the 37-year old “King of Pop” Michael Jackson made his second Manila appearance with a two-day concert as part of the pop icon’s History World Tour. The concerts were held on December 8 and 10 at Asiaworld City, Aguinaldo Blvd., Paranaque. In between, Jackson visited the pediatric ward of the Paranaque Community Hospital where he kissed and hugged several babies and brought cheers to thousands of fans that packed the grounds of the hospital.

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Anonymous said...

hahahaha :)

marksphere said...

Amazing photos! Can I use (the concert poster) one of those for my webpage? I'll give credits to you. :)

My site is: rightonthemark.wordpress.com. Thank you so much!


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