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Thursday, April 10, 2008


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Thanks to Jesse Dedel


Alright, alright. This is my very first review, so be nice okay?

My wife and I were treated by very close family friends that go way back to college days, to a very sumptuous lunch of crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrispy pata and kare-kare from Lola Idang's off of West Ave. Soooooooooper sarap!

But this review is not about that.

No, sir. Good as that lunch was, this review is about the dessert place we went out to after that ultra-pampabata lunch.

This review is about Pastry Passion and their really great-tasting Turtle Pie (the heavenly symphony-in-brown concoction) and their equally delightful sans rival (the lovely dove-white dish with the little syrupy heart-art flourishes!).

All I can say is that I was expecting your usual sugar-overload but found, instead a subtle, sophisticated treat to the taste buds. The turtle pie (dark-chocolate coated coffe-mousse) was neither too bitter nor too sweet. It was just right. Enjoyed with a hot cup of coffee, this little slice of "guilt trip on a plate" was just the perfect, creamy climax to what was an already wonderful lunchtime treat.

The sans rival was not my order, mind you. However, when you have something as wonderful as turtle pie, especially in the company of good friends, you can never simply have it all to yourself. You share it with them.

And, happily, they share their dessert with you! =D

The sans rival was really not all that. However, it was in such good company that, well, I simply couldn't help but like it as also. Ag ain, the brewed coffee was just the perfect complement.

Pastry Passion is one of those out-of-the-way little places. Really, if one doesn't reside within the West Ave., QC area, one must really be intentional about going there.

Still, the food (the ones we had anyway) is quite good. And to add to the enjoyment, within the building (the Marisan Bldg. is named after Mary Santos, deceased wife of national artist and building-owner Mauro "Malang" Santos) is a quaint little video- and hobby-shop called Video 48.

[Attention: Film buffs and comicbook geeks everywhere!]

Video 48 is owned and run by Malang's son Simon. Happily, Simon happened to be in the shop the day we decided to drop by for a quick look-see whilst our tasty treats were being prepared for us next door. He was more than happy to show us around.

Stepping into the place was like walking into Disneyland for this comicbook-and-film geek. All around the store were clear-glass shelves filled with collectors' (read: EXPENSIVE!) action figures and mini-busts of memorable scenes and characters from both superhero and sci-fi/fantasy films like Superman, Spiderman, X-Men, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and other equally wonderful bring-out-the-child-in-you outings.

There were classic memorabilia - from an original Alfred Hitchcock movie poster to actual photos of Golden Age FPJ, Susan Roces and the King of Comedy himself, Dolphy.

Simon's videos for rent boasts of an eclectic collection of classic and hard-to-find films, both local and foreign. He even has the classic Brocka and Bernal films from the 70's!

A few years ago, we had a dear friend and churchmate, who has since gone home to the Lord, who lent us a copy of Akira Kurosawa's classic, black and white film, "The Seven Samurai." I loved it! She had borrowed it from Video 48.

A couple of years ago we were strolling around the newly opened The Fort during Christmastime. They were having a bazaar, with several booths selling all sorts of items. One of them was a DVD and Video stall. Surprisingly, they had a copy of "Seven Samurai"! I bought it right away. Not surprisingly...it was a stall of Video 48.

The day we were in Simon's store I bought a new copy of a long-lost (someone borrowed and never returned it) family favorite, "The Iron Giant", an animated feature by Brad Bird, the genius behind "The Incredibles" and "Ratatouille".

I've gone on and on, haven't I?

I dunno. I guess the combination of a wonderfully delightful lunch with my wife, in the company of really good friends, capped off with a sumptuous coffee and dessert treat, which was complemented by a quick visit to a place that conveniently had, in one sweep, all the things I just can't help but go goofy over...simply proved too much for me.

Too much excitement. Too much passion in one place.

Good. Really good. =D

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