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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


A scene from the movie Hindi Binyagan (1958)

Celia Fuentes was dubbed as the Action Queen of the Philippine Movies in the 50s. She flirted with death in many of her movies doing dangerous acrobatic stunts and hazardous feats only men dare do. She was best remembered in Simaron (1956) where she won the Famas Best Supporting Actress. She next appeared in Babaing Mandarambong (1956) and Princesa ng Kagubatan (1956) where she showed flair and talent in swordplay and fencing and exhibited superb skill in riding horses. Among her other memorable films were Reyna Sirkera (1957) and Ramona (1959), where she pitted talents with her six male co-stars, all big names in local cinema that time.

An action scene from the 1959 movie, Ramona
with lead stars Celia Fuentes and Cesar Ramire

1955 - Bandilang Pula
1955 - Iyung-Iyo
1956 - Simaron
1956 - Babaing Mandarambong
1956 - Princesa ng Kagubatan
1956 - Ang Sibat
1957- Aliping Maharlika
1957 - Don Cobarde
1957 - Viva Las Senoritas
1957 - Reyna Sirkera
1957 - Laki sa Layaw
1958 - Alamid
1958 - Hindi Binyagan

1959 - Ramona
1960 - Kambal sa Sinukuan
1960 - Bigay Hilig
1960 - Minerva
1961 - Santong Dasalan
1961 - Mga Birheng Walang Langit
1961 - Labuyo
1962 - 5 Matitinik
1962 - Oxo Vs. Sige-Sige
1962 - Hindi Binyagan (remake)

Simaron (1956)- Stars Lilia Dizon, Johnny Monteiro, Celia Fuentes/ Directed by Ding M. De Jesus/ Directorial Supervision by Gerardo De Leon/ Young FPJ did a stunt double for Lilia Dizon (see details)

Babaing Mandarambong (1956)- Stars Johnny Monteiro, Celia Fuentes, Ruben Rustia/Guest Artist- Fernando Poe, Jr./ Directed by Ding M. De Jesus

Princesa ng Kagubatan (1956)- Stars Johnny Monteiro, Celia Fuentes, Teddy Belarmino, Ruben Rustia/ Directed by DingM. De Jesus

Ang Sibat (1956)- Stars Celia Fuentes, Jesus 'Og' Ramos, Amado Cortez/ Directed by Felix Villar

Aliping Maharlika (1957)- Cesar Ramirez, Celia Fuentes, Jesus 'Og' Ramos, Ruben Rustia, Norma Reyes, Merle Tuazon/ Directed by Ramon Estella

Don Cobarde (1957)- Stars Johnny Monteiro and Celia Fuentes/
Directed by Ding M. De Jesus

Hindi Binyagan (1958)- Stars Celia Fuentes, Jesus 'Og' Ramos, Tony Cruz, Jr./ Directed by Felix Villar

Ramona (1959)- Stars Jose Padilla, Jr., Jaime de la Rosa, Cesar Ramirez, Mario Montenegro, Ben Perez, Amado Cortez and Celia Fuentes/ Directed by Alex M. Sunga

Mga Birheng Walang Langit (1961)- Stars Celia Fuentes, Myrna Delgado, Willie Sotelo/ Directed by Jose Miranda Cruz

5 Matitinik (1961)- Myrna Delgado, Leonor Vergara, Gloria Sevilla and Celia Fuentes/ Directed by B.F. Ongpauco

Labuyo (1961)- Stars Celia Fuentes, Von Serna, Jess Medina, Linda Madred, Rod Evans, Martin Marfil, Johnny Monteiro, Lito Anzures/ Directed by B.F. Ongpauco


jacinto san isidro said...

I like the new layouts. Thanks Simon! More Power!

Rodolfo Samonte said...

Hi Simon,
Thanks for the Celia Fuentes posting. Actually saw many of her movies, and rooted for her to win the Famas. And of course she did.

Video 48 said...

Hi Ronuel! Thank you!
Hi Rod!
How was she as an actress? I haven't seen any of her movies. I'm still so young then. I think movies from Everlasting Pictures never got shown on TV. Am I right?

Rodolfo Samonte said...

She was actually good, remember she won a Famas award. I was rooting for her to win, and she did. But her forte was action of course. I had a bit of a crush on her, she was quite sexy, so I watched her movies, especially the earlier ones (sayang you don't have a close up of her face, I forgot exactly how she looked like), before she collaborated with Ongpauco. You probably didn't feature those, as the ones you featured were after Simaron.

Anonymous said...

Just asking what happened to her ? She is a sex Symbol indeed.
If indeed she went away with the Ongpauco guy is he related to
the Rod Ongpauco Granddad of Heart E? Im i correct ?


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