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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Noted cartoonist, the late Larry Alcala (creator of Kalabog and Bosyo and Siopawman) made this rough sketch of Asiong Aksaya when I asked for his autograph during one of his visits in my shop.

Sometime in the seventies Larry Alcala created a comic strip to promote awareness on energy-saving. Asiong Aksaya became popular because of his waldas way of using electricity, gasoline, water and other available energy. It has been made into a movie three times, which starred the comedian Chiquito. Likewise, it has been adapted into a television series in 1977

"Asiong Aksaya" (1977)-Stars Chiquito, Rosanna Ortiz, Baby Delgado, Ronnie Henares, Cecilia Lopez & Charlie Davao/ with Martin Marfil, Matimtiman Cruz, Roderick Paulate, Bukol/ Directed by F.H. Constantino

"Awat Na, Asiong Aksaya!" (1979)- Stars Chiquito, Suzette Ranillo, Veronica Jones, Leopoldo Salcedo, Gloria Sevilla, Amado Cortez, Martin Marfil, Matimtiman Cruz, Roderick Paulate/ Directed by F.H. Constnatino

"'Eto Na Naman si Asiong Aksaya" (1980)- Stars Chiquito, Chanda Romero, Bert Leroy, Jr., Julie Ann Fortich/ Directed by F.H. Constantino

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