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Thursday, April 10, 2014


Aura Aurea, dubbed as Brigitte Bardot of the Philippines

Underrated star Aura Aurea, best remembered for her controversial role in equally controversial 1960 movie, Gerry de Leon’s “Huwag Mong Limutin,” started her movie career as Norma Reyes in Everlasting Pictures’ “Laki sa Layaw”(1957). In 1959, she was re-introduced as Aura Aurea in her first starring role in Luis Nolasco Productions’ “Seksing-Seksi (Mapang-halina). “She is his only Weakness, He is her only Strength”… “Craved by Women, Emulated by men” … “Desired by Men, Envied by Women” says the blurb… Dubbed as the most daring picture of the year, the movie had some rough sailing with the censors. It drew crowds when it was open to the public due to the controversy it generated.

"Seksing- Seksi (Mapang-halina)"
Luis F. Nolasco Productions

Release Date March 16, 1959/ Center
Music Josefino Cenizal
Direction Luis F. NolascoCast Leopoldo Salcedo, AuraAurea, Guest Star- Vida Florante, Introducing-Liwayway Liwanag, Nora Nunez/ with Vicente Liwanag, Soto, Pepe Pimentel, Romy Brion, Gogo, Pabo,, Tony dela Mogueis, Lily Miraflor, Bruno Punzalan, Rafael Jimenez, Pedro Faustino, Blackie Francisco, Chedeng Guerero, Rossana Montes, Manuel Barbeyto, Lily laforteza and Ely Nakpil

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