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Monday, April 21, 2014


Hanggang sa Dulo ng Daigdig won six major FAMAS awards in 1958--- Best Picture, Best Director (Gerardo de Leon), Best Actor (Pancho Magalona), Best Screenplay (Cesar Amigo), Best Cinematography (Jose Pagsisihan) and Best Editing (Fely Crisostomo).

"Hanggang sa Dulo ng Daigdig" (1958)
Release Date December 1958
Screenplay Cesar Amigo
Music Ariston Avelino
Direction Gerardo de Leon
Cast Pancho Magalona, Ben Perez, Gil de Leon, Shirley Rodriguez and Introducing Loretta de Lara and Mona Fernandez/ with Max Alvarado, Flor Bien, Resty Sandel, Justina David, Blackie Francisco, Bino Garcia, Quiel Mendoza, Helen Nazario, Alex de Leon, Domingo del Valle, Tony Nieto/ Featuring Mercy Guia, Martin Marfil

Synopsis: Carding (Pancho Magalona), a farmer's son decides to go after his father’s killer after he is prodded into it by his sister, Conching. He manages to kill all of the men responsible except the one who pull the trigger.

Pretending to be a friend of his victims, Carding penetrates the outlaw band. He soon involves with the group’s activities resulting in the commission of several crimes. With the help of a woman follower who has fallen in love with him, Carding was able to locate the triggerman and succeeds in exacting his revenge.

Instead of returning back to his family, he chooses to rejoin the outlaw band and eventually becomes the terror of the province. Meanwhile, Ben (Ben Perez), a police sergeant who is Conching's sweetheart, pleads with Carding’s family to ask him to surrender but his pleas fall on deaf ears.

Neneng (Mona Fernandez), Carding’s sweetheart, follows him to his hideout and there, she marries him and bears him a son. Carding's infant son dies and when Miguel, his brother, dies also, grief makes Carding go out on a killing rampage.

Carding and Ben come face to face and Ben again asks him to surrender. Instead of listening to Ben, Carding tries to shoot him. But before he can kill Ben, Conching who has come to realize how bad her brother has become, picks up Ben’s rifle and shoots Carding. Carding falls and in death, his right hand is seen tightly clutching a big crucifix. (Source: Literary Song-Movie Magazine)

Pancho Magalona and Mona Fernandez
 (Photo courtesy of Cesar Hernando)

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