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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Actor Ramil Rodriguez (b. 1941), 60s matinee idol and member of the popular Sampaguita Pictures’ Stars ‘66, passes away (April 30) at age 72 due to lung cancer. He is the older brother of actor Pepito Rodriguez.
 He was introduced in 1964's "Leron-Leron Sinta", a musical comedy starring Susan Roces and Eddie Gutierrez. As part of Stars '66, Ramil was initially paired with Loretta Marquez, but eventually acquired other leading ladies like Josephine Estrada and Liberty Ilagan.
 He was a multi-facetted actor, taking on everything from comedies and musicals in the '60s ("Hi-Sosayti, Magnificent Bakya, Jamboree '66, Sitting in the Park") to light romance, action and drama flicks in the 70s ("Florinda,  Dalawa ang Nagdalantao sa Akin, Isang Gabi… Tatlong Babae"), evolving into a fine dramatic actor in the process.
 In the '80s, he starred in classic like "Blusang Itim", "Magdusa Ka", (1986), "Asawa Ko, Huwag Mong Agawin", "Ibulong Mo sa Diyos"(1988). He remained active in the 1990s and found a new set of audience with his TV appearances in telenovelas like 1997's "Mula Sa Puso", "Love to Love" (2004) , "Magpakailanman" (2005) and the highly rated "Bakekang" (2006-07).
 (Source: Views from the Pampang)

 "Leron-Leron Sinta" (1964)

"Sa Libis ng Baryo" (1964)

"Jukebox Jamboree" (1964)

 "The Dolly Sisters" (1965)

"Mga Reynang Engkantada" (1965)

"Paano Kita Lilimutin" (1965)

 "Apat na Kagandahan" (1965)

"Bye-Bye na sa Daddy" (1965)

"Gintong Recuerdo" (1965)

 "Inday, Palalayasin Kita" (1965)

"Magnificent Bakya" (1965)

 "Mama!" (1966)

"Maraming Kulay ang Pag-ibig" (1966)

"Ang Lagay 'Adre...ay Under-istanding !" (1966)

 "Ay! Ay! Naku, Neneng!" (1966)

"Jamboree 66" (1966)

"Sitting in the Park " (1966)

 "Walastik sa Downtown" (1966)

 "What Now My Love?" (1966)

"Double Date" (1967)

"Pitong Krus ng Isang Ina" (1968)

"Kulay Rosas ang Pag-ibig" (1968)

"To Susan With Love" (1968)

"Paula" (1969)

"Florinda" (1973)

"Dalawa ang Nagdalantao sa Akin" (1974)

"Isang Gabi...Tatlong Babae!" (1974)

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