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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Ramon Revilla was a matinee idol of the fifties who made a dramatic comeback in 1972 with his landmark movie, Nardong Putik, a film on a notorious criminal whose anting-anting or talisman protected him from bullets. It scored phenomenally in the box-office which made him an action superstar. In 1973, his convincing performance in Hulihin si Tiagong Akyat earned him the Famas Best Actor trophy.

He produced films for his own movie outfit Imus Productions based on several true to life stories like Tiagong Akyat, Bianong Bulag, Gulapa and Kapitan Eddie Set.

Nardong Putik (1972)- Stars Ramon Revilla, Gloria Romero, Alona Alegre, Rosemarie Gil,Robert Jaworski, Michael Murray and Max Alvarado/ Dolphy appeared in a cameo role/ Directed by Tony Cayado

Pepeng Agimat (1973)- Stars Ramon Revilla, Robert Jaworski, Michael Murray, Manolo Robles/ Chiquito made a cameo role/ Directed by Tony Cayado

Hulihin si...Tiagong Akyat (1973)- Stars Ramon Revilla, Liza Lorena, Robert Jaworski, Aurora Salve, Van de Leon and Max Alvarado/ Directed by Armando A. Herrera

Kapitan Eddie Set: Mad Killer of Cavite (1974)-
Stars Ramon Revilla/Directed by Jose Yandoc

Ibilanggo si...Cavite Boy (1974)- Stars Ramon Revilla, Gina Pareno, Marianne and George Estregan/ Directed by Nilo Saez

Kapitan Kulas (1975)- Stars Ramon Revilla, Elizabeth Oropesa, Helen Gamboa and Walter Navarro/irected by Lamberto V. Avellana

Ang Lihim ni Rosa Henson sa Buhay ni Kumander Lawin (1976)-
Stars Ramon Revilla, Boots Anson-Roa and Rosanna Ortiz/
Directed by Jose Yandoc

Beloy Montemayor (1976)- Stars Ramon Revilla, Rosanna Ortiz, Trixia Gomez, Philip Gamboa, Raul Aragon/Directed by Mike Relon Makiling

Bergado: Terror of Cavite (1976)- Stars Ramon Revilla, Lotis Key, Marissa Delgado, Johnny Delgado, Nick Romano/ Directed by Jose Yandoc

Bertong Suklob (1976)- Stars Ramon Revilla, Anna Gonzalez, Paquito Diaz, Marlon Bautista, Raul Aragon and Rez Cortez/ Directed by Jun Gallardo

Bianong Bulag: One-eyed Terror of Cavite (1977)- Stars Ramon Revilla

Gulapa: Ang Barakong Mayor ng Maragondon (1977)- Stars Ramon Revilla, Rosanna Ortiz, Dante Varona, Van de Leon, Von Serna and Max Alvarado/ Directed by Jose Yandoc


eliza said...

favorite ko to si Ramon Sr. Just want to ask kung san makakabili ng mga movies nya kahit vhs or betamax... thanks!

faceoff said...

idol ko si mr revilla sr.gustong gusto ko ang mga pelikula nya.san po ba ako maaaring bumili ng mga movies nya?salamat po!

Anonymous said...

first off, thanks for sharing!
same question actually, where can we get a copy of his films?
do you have any contact from Imus Productions?
Id really apreciate your reply.

Anonymous said...

fav ko itong si ramon revilla...3 movies niya ang may agimat meron ako...10 movies niya meron ako..nasa vhs format nga lang bat puedeng itransfer sa dvd...

meron din ako movie niya back in 1954...matandang dalaga with carmen rosales.


ireneariza2009 said...

idol n idol ko si ramon "agimat" revilla sr. san ba pwd makabili ng mga dvd movies nya? pls. miss ko na mga movies nya. matagal na panahon na ng mapanood ko mga agimat movies nya.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I would like to ask if may copy kayo ng "Gulapa: Ang Barakong Mayor ng Maragondon"? Hoping for your immediate reply, thanks! :)

Shackie D. Shark said...

ano po yung title ng movie ni Ramon Sr. na he turns/ looks like a wild boar pag nagalit sya - curse ng diwata sa kanya dahil kinatay ni Ramon yung alaga palang Baboy Ramo ng diwata? THANKS to whoever can answer this. may mga titles ng movies kasi ni Mr. revilla on the internet pero walang synopsis. salamat po uli!

Video 48 said...

"Tonyong Bayawak"

Shackie D. Shark said...

ty blog administrator for answering my Q :D

Anonymous said...


San po ba makakabili ng Copy ng "Pepeng Agimat 1973" Thanks po.

Angelo Manambit said...

kung sino po ang naghahanap ng mga movies ni mang ramon revilla sr lahat na movies nya meroon po ako message nyo lang po ako or email dito sa email na ito daidigngkababalaghan2@gmail.com salamat po all ramon revilla sr collections meroon po tayo

ahmeng said...

bertong suklob,beloy montemayor at ibilanggo si cavite boy..

Kalabasa K. Kamote said...

I find Ramon Revilla Sr.'s portrayal of both Bibiano Angeles and Patrocinio Z. Gulapa in two different movies released in the same year very clever.

wayne moises said...

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wayne moises said...

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wayne moises said...

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wayne moises said...

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wayne moises said...

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