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Friday, March 28, 2008


West Gallery, 48 West Avenue QC
March 25 thru April 25

Taking off from the way 2007’s Destroy All Monsters celebrated the low pop they revered - - - B movies and videogames and comic books - - - both in and of itself and for its potential as a conduit to higher modernist sensitivities, Them! is these twelve - - - Ronald Achacoso, Alex Aguilar, Daphne Aguilar, Amy Aragon, Felix Bacolor, Dodo Dayao, Romeo Lee, Omar Taleon, Jay Ticar, Raul Rodriguez, Anthony Vergeire and Cris Villanueva - - - coming to terms with that potential , the subsequent immersion and exploitation.

The first Them! was the 1954 B movie chestnut with gigantic radioactive ants, seminal to its genre and in many ways ground zero for the modern disaster movie as we know it , the way it seemed to take a perverse fascination with the spectacle of things falling apart and all its emotional and poetic nuances- - - annihilation, destruction, heartbreak, malfunction, defeat, extinction, obsolescence.

The 1954 Them! movie ad poster

The second Them! is a valentine to all these and its inevitable resolutions - - -both the melancholy of doom and the hope of rescue.

Them! runs from March 25 to April 25 ,2008 at West Gallery, Mary Santos Artcade, 48 West Avenue, Quezon City

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