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Friday, February 21, 2014


"Anak ng Lasengga" (1958)
People's Pictures, Inc.
Release Date October 22, 1958/ Life
Story Augusto Fuentes
Serialized in Liwayway Magazine
Screenplay Teodorico C. Santos
Music Tony Maiquez
Direction Cesar Gallardo
Cast Alicia Vergel, Edna Luna and Zaldy Zshornack/ with Lopito, Belen Velasco, Nello Nayo, Lily Marquez, Abraham Cruz, Francisco Cruz, Paquito Salcedo, Bino Garcia, Mariano Tolentino, Felisa Salcedo/ Featuring Carlos Badion

Here’s one movie that touches the controversial theme of alcoholism. Based from the Liwayway novel by Augusto E. Fuentes, Anak ng Lasengga tells of a mother, Aling Doray (Alicia Vergel) who resorts to drinking when her husband dies. She blames herself for his death. Her son, Lino (Zaldy Zshornack), a medical student, quits schooling to be with his mother in order to help her escape from the clutch of the bottle. Lino is doubly hurt when his friends abandon him and even the girl he is engaged to marry backs out. However, he finds love in another woman, Alicia (Edna Luna), daughter of the doctor who helps his mother escape the power of alcohol.

According to a review, “Alicia Vergel comes off with a portrayal so vivid, powerful yet appealing, dwarfing all her past performances. The swagger, the hollow laughter, the idiotic drunken stare, the ceaseless tramping around for wine, wine and more wine, and the ultimate anguish of an alcoholic’s losing battle with a merciless destroyer--- all these come alive with such shocking realism on the screen in the person of Aling Doray, the ‘lasengga,’ played by Vergel.”

Liwayway Magazine/ Pebrero 17, 1958
Nobela ni Augusto E. Fuentes

Guhit ni E.R. Cruz


Allan Potenciano said...

Edna Luna was such a pretty girl back then, I have always admire her since I was a kid when I first saw her in "Anak ng Bulkan" opposite FPJ. I wonder where is she now ?

Anonymous said...

Di ba lumabas din siya sa SANTA LUCIA?

TheCoolCanadian said...

I'm not surprised at all that Alicia Vergel portrayed her role in this film really well. She made a film under Lino Brocka's direction in the 1980s and her performance was superb.

Edna Luna, on the other hand, was indeed one of RP's most beautiful actresses. Can't recall how good or bad she was as a thespian, but most of her films were successful at the box office. Her career lasted for only 12 years (1952-1964). The fact that many people still remember her, there must be something about her that fascinated these fans: either her beauty, her character, or talent for acting.

People's Pictures didn't goof to cast her as Dyesebel. Nice face, nice body, and I'm guessing: nice acting.



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