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Thursday, February 20, 2014


"Rose Tattoo ng Buhay Ko" (1958)
LVN Pictures
Release Date October 2-11, 1958/ Life
Story and Screenplay R.M. Villaroman
Music F. Buencamino, Jr.
Direction Natoy B. Catindig
Cast Diomedes Maturan, Charito Solis, Eddie Rodriguez, Carolina Herranz, Lourdes Medel, Menchi Ferrer, Bobby Vallar, Ched Bermudez, Vicenta Advincula,/ Introducing Agnes Ravel, Marie Paz Lopez

Synopsis: Diomeng (Diomedes Maturan) is a poor boy whose greatest asset is his marvelous voice. His mother and two brothers have high hopes that he may become a great singer someday. Diomeng falls in love with Roselita, a rich, spoiled girl. One day, he overhears Roselita and her gang making fun of the love letters he had sent her. To get Diomeng's mind off his broken heart, his cousin, Eddie, introduces him to Teresita who unknown to Diomeng is Eddie's sweetheart. Diomeng sees in Teresita the embodiment of everything he wants in a girl. They become fast friends, Teresita finds out that Diomeng has a good voice and she persuades him to participate in “Tawag Ng Tanghalan." He becomes regional champion and Roselita is attracted to him. However, Diomeng pays no attention to her as his heart now belongs to Teresita. On the night of the national finals, Diomeng tells Teresita of his feelings. As gently as possible, Teresita tells him that he and Eddie are sweethearts. Diomeng leaves in a huff and everybody is frantic as the finals are about to commence. Finally, Teresita is able to soothe Diomeng's feelings by telling him that she and Eddie have been sweethearts even before she and Diomeng met. Diomeng wins the finals and decides to forget all about girls in the meantime to concentrate on his singing’ career. (Source: Literary Song-Movie Magazine)

Photo: Doña Sisang Filipino Movies Book

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