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Saturday, November 10, 2012


"Correccional" (1952)- Stars Celia Flor, Mario Montenegro, Rosa Rosal, Tony Arnaldo, Maria Cristina, Patsy Mateo, Anita Serrano, Minda Miranda/ Written and Directed by Susana C. de Guzman

Synopsis: The forthcoming wedding of Norma (Celia Flor) and Armando (Mario Montenegro), a young lawyer, was supposed to be a great and wonderful event for the two, but everything went haywire. Perhaps, it was because the bride tried on her bride gown, and that’s bad luck, according to a popular belief.

Salome (Rosa Rosal), Armando’s client, was hosting a birthday party. She is married to Don Julio (Tony Arnaldo), much older than her. However, Salome is in love with Armando, the same way with Don Julio to Norma.

During the party, the scheming Salome slips a pill into Norma’s drink which makes the latter dizzy and unknowingly went into the bedroom to sleep. Don Julio follows her and starts to take advances. Then, enters Salome with Armando in tow into the room and found the two in a scandalous position.

Despite pleas from Norma, Armando calls off the engagement. Salome, on the other hand, demands separation from her husband and monetary settlement. In one of the bitter confrontations between the couple, Salome stabbed and killed Don Julio. Norma, at that time, went to see Don Julio to clear her name, only to find him dead with a letter opener stuck in his body. Salome comes out from behind shouting murder and the two househelps seeing Norma holding the bloody weapon. Evidences point to Norma as the guilty person and is sentenced to a prison term at the Correccional, where her own mother is the Superintendent.

The mother believes firmly in her daughter's innocence, and she wants justice done, so she resigns her position and begins to take steps to vindicate her daughter. The mother confronts Salome, threatens her with a gun if she does not clear out her daughter, but in the scuffle that ensues, the gun goes off killing Norma’s mother. Salome is found guilty of murder and committed at the Correccional. There, she meets Norma.

The hatred between the two flares up into a first class cat-fighting, as a result of which they are placed in solitary confinement. Norma begins to work on the nerves of the guilty Salome by mentioning to her that her husband's soul and the soul of Norma’s mother will haunt her. Salome could no longer stand it and decides to sign a written confession clearing Norma.

The good news spreads out, and Armando who has been making moves to win back Norma for some time, is happy enough to welcome his sweetheart into his arms.

Armando (Mario Montenegro) and Norma (Celia Flor) ironing out their forthcoming wedding

Salome (Rosa Rosal), with husband, Don Julio (Tony Arnoldo) welcomes Armando on the former's birthday party

Don Julio confronts the scheming Salome

Norma explains her side to the doubting Armando. The two eventually separated.

Salome stabs Don Julio

but Norma gets the blame

Armando visits Norma at the correccional, later realizing Norma's innocence

Norma's mother feels that her daughter is innocent

The mother confronts and points a gun at Salome, but is overwhelmed and killed

Salome is committed to the correccional...her guilty conscience bombards her no end and eventually clears Norma of the charges.

Norma prays in front of her mother's grave...

.... and forgives Armando

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