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Saturday, November 3, 2012


"Sandino" (1952)
M.V. Jr. Productions
Released thru Premiere Productions, Inc.
Release Date June 30, 1952/ Life
Direction Eduardo de Castro
Cast Danilo Montes, Ester Buenaobra, Patria Plata, Rafael Jimenez

From the pages of Manila Klasiks, comes this horrifying tale of a werewolf, probably a spin-off of the 1941 Hollywood horror classic, The Wolf Man. The komiks novel, titled Sandino, was created by Dominador Ad. Castillo. It was adapted into the big screen in 1952 with Danilo Montes and Ester Buenaobra in the lead roles. I remember watching Sandino in the 60s in one of those TV shows in ABS-CBN Channel 3 (remember Mga Aninong Gumagalaw and Pinilakang Tabing) featuring Tagalog movie classics. It tells of a twin, separated at birth, one a mysterious young man named Sandino (played by Danilo Montes) who would transform into a monstrous hairy creature resembling a wolf man. Sandino grew up under the care of an errand and wayward mongrel, which fed and took good care of him. He was disowned by his father thinking that the mother committed infidelity. The father wanted him kill but the servant decided to just leave him in the cemetery instead of killing him where the newly-born Sandino was found by the mongrel. 

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Komiks source---
From the Private Collection of Steve Santos

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