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Monday, November 5, 2012


When I first saw this ad, I thought the movie was based from Hitchcock's "I Confess." I was wrong, the movie, shown in 1952 was one year ahead of Hitchcock's which was released in 1953. The two movies, probably based on a 1902 French play by Paul Anthelme titled Nos Deux Consciences, had similar plot, that of a killer confessing to a crime in the confessional and instead the priest became the primary suspect. Because of the seal and secrecy of the confessional, the priest is bound not to disclose anything to the authorities. What if his life is at stake?

"Lihim ng Kumpisalan" (1952)
Sampaguita Pictures
Release Date March 21-30, 1952/ Dalisay
Direction Olive La Torre
Cast Pancho Magalona, Linda Estrella, Rudy Francisco


Sam said...

Wow. Awesome plot. This seems to be a great film to see... I hope a surviving copy exists somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Dear Simon,

Good day!

Too OA about your trademark as marked video48 property in all pictures or posters. Honestly writing I'm no longer interested with your blog as the mystery has gone. The door as video48 trademark. It is very sore eyes to read on,.

wishing you more power!!

Video 48 said...

Dear Anonymous or whoever you are! What's OA on putting watermarks? They're doing it in most other blog sites. It's the prerogative on my part as a blog owner to put watermarks on the images since I spent countless hours, sweat, money and even going to public libraries and thrift shops just to get these rare movie posters, photos, magazines and memorabilia, which have been long neglected and forgotten and restore them the best I can. I have been victimized many times when I see my images uploaded in various sites without acknowledging their sources. Well, they say, I’m not the true owner of these images, but I guess most of these images are already public domain and as a private collector of these images, I unselfishly share them. If you’re pissed on these watermarks, I am not forcing you to visit my site. It’s just my love for Philippine cinema that this blog still exists and sustains me since 2007.


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