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Thursday, April 23, 2009


The Great Profile himself, Leopoldo Salcedo, starred in several international movies. Director Eddie Romero was instrumental in two of the movies Pol Salcedo starred in, which Romero produced and directed.

Escape to Paradise (1960)- Stars Leopoldo Salcedo, Diane Jergens, Johnny Monteiro, Joe Dennis, Jennings Sturgeon, Joe Sison, Bruce Baxter, Renato Robles/ Written, Produced and Directed by Eddie Romero

Espionage: Far East (1961)- Stars Tod Andrews, Leopoldo Salcedo, Mila Del Sol, Diane Jergens, Manuel Conde, Shirley Gorospe, Joan Tabor, Rita Lynn, Richard Loo and Vic Diaz/ Directed by Ted Post, Gerry de Leon and Eddie Romero


Andrew Leavold said...

Hi Simon,

I wondered why I'd never heard of Espionage Far East, and then I remembered about Eddie Romero's series "Counterthrust", made for the US TV market. Looks like he assembled a feature version of the series for the local market.

Congratulations on digging up such an obscure poster, and please keep up your invaluable preservation work!

Cheers, Andrew

listing for the original series...

1959/1960 – Counterthrust (Lynn-Romero Productions)

[TV adventures of Victor Kane, a U.S. government counter-intelligent agent operating in the Phillipines; 13 half hour episodes for ABC TV]

Director Eddie Romero Producers Kane W. Lynn, “Edgar F.”/Eddie Romero “Plane From Tokyo” Episode: Writer Albert Simmons Music Tito Arevalo Production Manager A.B. Jescon Cinematography Pedro Santos Assistant Director Jose Dagumboy

Cast Tod Andrews (Victor Kane) “Plane From Tokyo” Cast Diana Jergens, Vic Diaz, Gayle Balfour, Oscar “Keesey”/Keesee, Nello Nayo, Rudy Salcedo, Denico Padilla

Video 48 said...

Thanks, Andrew! How come you miss Espionage Far East, being an avid Eddie Romero fanatic, hehe? Hope to feature more interesting articles. Just visited your new blog. As usual, it's comprehensive and informative!


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