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Sunday, March 29, 2009


Did you know that multi-awarded actress Vilma Santos almost gave up and walked out of Burlesk Queen? Yes, Vilma almost backed out of the three-fourths finished movie when she learned about the finale sequence. No, she wouldn’t do it, she couldn’t do it. She ignored call slips and went into hiding. Poor Celso (Ad Castillo, the director), he was drowning in his own tears of desperation and banging his head against the wall. Burlesk Queen was his “last Card,” he wanted to retrieve his dwindling popularity, he wanted to save face and if he didn’t get what he wanted now, he would be finished. Finally, one day, he received a basketful of fruit--- “Peace offering,” Celso calls it, “from Vilma.”
“It took us almost seven nights, shooting straight to finish that sequence. I learned the dance from an expert real-life burlesque dancer. During shootings, palaging closed door. My God, I couldn’t have done it with so many people around.” She had to take several shots of brandy before the shooting. “Otherwise I would have died from nervousness.”

By Ricardo Lo/ Expressweek/ January 19, 1978

Burlesk Queen
went on to become one of the top films of the 70s and hailed and selected by the URIAN as one of the top 22 finest movies of that decade. It was one of the important films of Vilma Santos and director Celso Ad Castiilo.

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Expressweek/ January 19, 1978


enadurata said...

Thank you so much for this post, Simon!
Best regards!

zachzybel said...

One of Vilma's best card.REYNA pa rin ng Phil. cinema.together with ms. nora..

rodolfo,jr.,mendoza said...

It could have gotten the best review at that time sayang...


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