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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


This tragic event in 1982 really broke my heart. I’m referring to a very fine, young, beautiful lady who died of leukemia at an early age. You may have probably heard the name of Roxanne Abad Santos. She became an instant celebrity in the early 80s when she appeared in the cover story of Panorama magazine, a supplement of Manila Bulletin, announcing to the world that she was ill and dying. Ugly rumors persisted that time that it was not that serious, because she was able to do a movie with then current heartthrob, Gabby Concepcion. Her illness was all publicity, they say. Even the Concepcions, under GC Films, who produced the movie, were not spared in the controversy. Critics charged that the Concepcions were using Roxanne’s illness to promote and eventually secure the success of the film. But whatever the intention, Roxanne left us a wonderful movie titled Miracle of Love.

Shot mostly in Frankfurt, Germany and Venice, Italy, the movie featured Gabriel, played by Gabby, who left for Europe to mend a broken heart. He parted ways with Snooky, who was vowed by her parents to the monastery life. He met Roxanne, which he later found out that she was ill and suffering from leukemia. Gabriel was with Roxanne during her difficult times. In the end, Gabriel was reunited with Snooky. So what happened to Roxanne? Roxanne did not die in the movie though. She became a nun. It had a happy ending!

Unfortunately, Roxanne passed away before she could even watch the movie. Miracle of Love was her first and last starring role.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious about Cristina Valdez. What happened to her?

miss claine said...

napanood ko etong movie, I was then 6 or 7 year old..you see how it marked in my heart? cos now that im already 35 i still remember roxanne abad santos and some scenes on that movie..


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