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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Claudia Zobel bursts into the movie world in 1983 as Regal Films' answer to Seiko Films’ Stella Strada who’s been making a big splash in the movie scene with several blockbuster movies. Claudia’s first movie, Shame, was initially banned by the Board of Censors but was later permitted to be exhibited with cuts. She made a total of four movies--- Shame, Magdalena Buong Magdamag, Uhaw sa Pag-ibig and Sinner or Saint (formerly titled Forbidden). Claudia signed up with Regal for five pictures. The contract, Claudia says in one of her last interviews, is non-exclusive. She made three for Regal and one with Baby Pascual Films, Magdalena sa Magdamag. “Alam naman ni Mother Lily na kailangan ko ang pera, so pinayagan niya ako to work with Baby Pascual,” she explains. “Okay naman ang role ko sa pelikula at okay din ang bayad. Ang talent fee ko rito ang ginasta ko noong nakaraang Pasko.”

Claudia was an underrated actress since she was built up as a bold star. Her drama coach, Frank Rivera says: “Except for her diction, she had the makings of a good actress. She had depth and a wide range of emotion. She was okay as a beginner in Shame…” No less than (the late) Lino Brocka found her quite perceptive as an actress. Brocka took her for a plum guest role in the movie Brocka was making that time for Cannes, Kapit sa Patalim. Claudia was quite enthusiastic about her Brocka assignment, “Nagka-vibes kami ni Lino sa unang araw pa lamang…Panay take one ako. Pinapalakpakan pa nga ako ni Lino pagkatapos ng eksena. Alam ko marami pang kanin ang kakainin ko to be good pero I’m trying.”Claudia was doing great in her movie career when fate suddenly intervened in the early morning of February 10, 1984. She died in a tragic car accident. From the front page of Times Journal, here’s that detailed account of that fateful day---

Bold star Claudia Zobel was killed yesterday when the car she was driving jumped the island on Epifanio de los Santos Avenue and Pasong Tamo, and ran smack into an oncoming Brasilia car.
The 19-year old actress, whose real name was Thelma Maloloy-on, died on the operating table of the Makati Medical Center three hours after the accident occurred at 4:30 a.m. Pfc. Loreto Santos of the Southern Police District’s traffic division said Claudia was with three relatives. They had come from a nightspot on Roxas Boulevard in Pasay City when they met the accident. The three, who also landed in the hospital, were identified as Marlon Antiquera, 26; Alli Tiquero, 28; and Raffy Jaudian, 25. The passengers of the Brasilia, bound for Pasay City from Cubao were identified as Abdhulla-Lawansa, a 19-year old boy from Lanao del Sur; Marcos Junes, 39; Bonny Panatulan, 36; and his wife, Julia, 33; who was reported to be pregnant. Lawansa was driving. They were treated for body injuries in the same hospital.

Movie sources said Claudia was just learning how to drive. Police said she lost control of the Mitsubishi Colt (plate No. PDS 119) when its left front wheel hit the island gutter. The car flipped on the other side and straight into the path of the oncoming Brasilia. The car, owned by couturier Goulee Gorospe, was a total wreck. Claudia, whose first picture, Shame, was initially banned by the censors board but later allowed to be shown with cuts, was pinned between the driver’s seat and the steering wheel.
News of her death was relayed yesterday morning to her relatives in Mandaue City, where she grew up, by Lily Monteverde, producer of Regal Films with which she had an exclusive contract. In an interview with the Times Journal yesterday, Monteverde said she will release Claudia’s just completed film, Forbidden (retitled as Sinner or Saint), immediately. The actual playdate had been set for late this year. The proceeds will go to Claudia’s family, Monteverde added.
The actress would have celebrated her 19th birthday on Febraury 27. Her mother, who has a heart condition had just been hospitalized for two weeks. Claudia even sent her off at the domestic airport last Tuesday, sources said.
Friends and acquaintances of the actress said she had been depressed the past few days over her breakup with her boyfriend, a certain “Jeffrey.”

Shame (1983)- Stars Robert Arevalo, Patrick dela Rosa and Claudia Zobel/ Directed by Elwood Perez

Magdalena...Buong Magdamag! (1983)- Stars Claudia Zobel and introducing Karla Kalu/ Directed by Mercy Lejarde

Uhaw sa Pag-ibig (1983)- Stars Edgar Mande, Patrick dela Rosa, Lito Pimentel and Claudia Zobel/ 

Directed by Mario O'Hara

Sinner or Saint (1984)- Stars Charito Solis, Gloria Romero, Patrick dela Rosa and Claudia Zobel/ Directed by Mel Chionglo


Rodolfo Samonte said...

Hindi ko na inabot ang mga bold stars that you're featuring here. I left for the U.S. in '79. 80s na ang mga ito, but I'm sure nasa video ang mga ito ano?

Video 48 said...

Rod, most of the titles are not readily available sa video. That's how bad our archiving and storage. Mahirap pa rin hanapin kahit mga 80s titles.

dexter said...

Thanks a lot for the Claudia Zobel feature.

dexter said...

i was in elementary when Claudia Zobel became stella Strada's rival in the bold throne in 1983.i remember watching Stella Strada's first movie,Kirot,in the cinema in Batangas,hindi kasi mahigpit nun lalo na sa probinsya kaya kahit minors pinapapasok sa sinehan kahit bold ang palabas. cant remember if i was able to watch any Claudia Zobel film in the cinema but in high school,napanood ko ang SHAME sa betamax,i was smitten with Claudia's beauty and she had depth as well in her acting.

dexter said...

Claudia Zobel was so popular after Shame that she was on the cover of student notebooks that schoolyera,June 1983,i remember she was wearing a red dress in one of the covers.after her death,Sinner or Saint & Magdalena.. were shown,i remember her infectious laugh in the trailer of Magdamag. Bit of trivia=Al Tantay,yes the actor,brought her to MMC after the accident as he was passing by at the time,her boyfriend daw at the time was Jeffrey Quizon,Dolphy's son,and she was buried Valentines day 1984 in her native cebu. and also,Stella Strada went to her wake in Feb. 1983,in Dec. 1984 Stella commited suicide. also,Claudia made it to the cover of Woman's Today magazine in 1983,she was wearing a me'ns barong & smoking a cigarette on the cover,i took a photo of the cover in National Library.

dexter said...

i hope Stella Strada is next,and also Sarsi Emmanuelle & the softdrink beauties.

Video 48 said...

Dexter, thanks for all those infos and trivias!

Anonymous said...

Hello Rodolfo & Simon,

I have Claudia Zobel's 3 films in their original VHS tapes. They are SHAME, MAGDALENA SA BUONG MAGDAMAG & the best of them all, SINNER OR SAINT (sans the funeral atttraction that was shown in its cinema run). I already burned them onto DVD formats. Would any of you be interested in trading?

Simon, if you have more articles & pictures of Claudia's accident, please post them. She's my all time fave bold actress (along with Sarsi).


Video 48 said...

Hi Carlo! I'm interested! Pease send me PM.

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon,

Sure. My email is bluetaunus@yahoo.com.
I also have Yahoo messenger. However, I live in Illinois and the time difference might be a challenge for us to private message each other. So please email me and then we could exchange shipping information, movie title availability, etc... By the way, I still have a betamax player so if your title is on betamax format, I'd still be able to transfer it to DVD. Lastly, I have some "rare" titles on original VHS. Like Regal Film's first offering "Kayod Sa Araw, Kayod Sa Gabi", "Salome", "Kaya Kong Abutin Ang Langit", "Init Sa Magdamag", Mike De Leon's ITIM, Kung Mangarap Ka't Magising, Kakabakaba Ka Ba? (these Mike De Leon trio are direct transfers from LVN's archive), "Cover Girls" (Beth Bautista, Lorna Tolentino, Amy Ausria), "Stepsisters", "Init" (Rio Locsin's solo starer under the helm of Brocka), "Disgrasyada", "Wild Animals" (starring Rio Locsin & Gloria Diaz), "Kisapmata", etc...

I'm hoping you'd have "Brutal", "Bona", "bomba Queen", Room 69, Naked Island, just to name a few.


Netvision said...

We will be offering Karanasan: The Claudio Zobel Story in our site as pay-per-view streaming video soon. We also have about 200 Filipino movie titles available online--from mature titles to drama, from action to comedy. Check it out at www.netvision.com.ph

Anonymous said...

I am looking to buy a copy of Claudia Zobel's 1983 movie Uhaw sa Pag-Ibig. Does anyone know of any site or individual that might have copies on video?. It is not one of her best films, so may not have even been released on video.
Paul, at lagunabay@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

I have to say that it was not Jeffrey Quizon as mentioned her boyfriend was... but the first name was Jeffrey. Apparently, kinakwartahan day si Claudia.

Anonymous said...

paano namin mapanood ang video na ? ano ang dapat gawin just e mail to this ad eva_taruc_c@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

kapit sa patalim...meron ako na movie ni claudia

ryan roy said...

Meron pa kaya ng movie na VIRGIN PEOPLE?ito yung original na movie na gawa ni celso ad castillo starring pepsi paloma janet bordon at sarsi emmanuelle..whoever have this video vhs or betamax please share it.you can email me at ryanroyryanroy@yahoo.com if you want to share it with me...
Ryan roy

Anonymous said...

URGENT!! lang po

.. can anyone help me ..give me where can i find "claudia zobel movies" .. needed nang boss namin.. kasi po gusto niyang maka pano-on ulit nang mga ganitong movies.. please po.. and thank you!!
email me po..


Anonymous said...

I saw her movie "Sinner and Saint" last night in "CINEMA ONE" and I'm sure I also seen her other movie, i dont know the title, but the story is like she is the daughter of Perla Bautista, they had bording house then she fall in love with one of their border. something like that.

Its sad to know that he dided in a very young age.

lestatdelioncourt said...

I beg to disagree n c jeffrey epi quizon ang bf nya that time.1973 pinanganak c epi which makes him 11 yrs old nung time n namatay c claudia.i dont think papatol cya sa ganun kbata.:)

jose godofredo tuliao said...

Sayang wala pa ako muwang sa kamunduhan nun...january 1, 1979 ako. Pero maganda daw talaga siya sabi ni erpat... eto ang latest... di pa daw natunaw ang bangkay nya!!!! http://www.philstar.com/cebu-news/2013/08/29/1146771/claudia-zobels-body-intact-after-30-years

Avon Luna said...


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edward al PE said...

sana po makikiraman kay claudia zobel thelma maloloy-on nag-car accident nuong pebrero diyes 1984 binangga sa kalsada

edward al PE said...

SHAME (1982)

Anonymous said...

napanood ko ung sinner or saint dati sa studio 23 pero sa ending biglang nagcut agad

Madz said...

Sana meron makapag post ng news archives sa diyayo at tabloid tungkol sa aksidente ni Claudia Zobel. Remember ko talaga noon 8 yrs old pa lang po ako noon 1984 naging headline c Claudia sa mga pahayagan pinakita pa yung kabaong nya hinimlay suya ang ganda ganda nya tlga sa yellow white long sleeve dress with ruffled lace collar. Kung anong hitsura nya noon sa kabaong ay ganon p rin sa ngayon hinukay siya at di naagnas. Amazing talaga!

Madz said...

Sana meron makapag post ng photos of archi ed news sa Tempo dated Feb 11, 1984 kasi detalyado yun. Sayang nga lang di ko naitago yun noon ang tagal tagal na kasi nun! Meron p yun close up photo sa nawasak na kotse ni Claudia Zobel. Meron p yun nakahiga sa ospital c Claudia wala nang buhay at tiniklupan ng kumot. Sana please!!!


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