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Saturday, February 16, 2008


The Accused (1967)- Stars Eddie Fernandez, Daisy Romualdez, Rico Roman, Ponga, Rebecca Rocha, Boy Chico and Rodolfo 'Boy' Garcia/ Directed by Artemio Marquez

In 1969, Eddie "Lagalag" Fernandez fatally shot and killed a Bulacan businessman. He was found guilty and imprisoned for more than ten years together with fellow actor, Berting Labra. Here's that detailed news account on that tragic and unfortunate incident --- from the pages of The Manila Times.

Actor Shot, 1 killed /

Eddie Fernandez, 2 others wounded in off-screen shooting

By Cecilio T. Arilo and Manuel Coles
A young businessman was killed and two were seriously wounded, including a prominent movie actor, in a gunfight on A. Bonifacio st., Quezon City at 7 last night. Killed was Renato Pangilinan, 28, single, of 1477 Recto ave., Sta. Cruz, Manila. He was hit in the left chest and died on arrival at the Chinese General Hospital. Wounded were Eddie Fernandez, 30 and Apolinario Lopez, 36, driver of Pangilinan, of 1518 Narra st., Tondo, Manila. Fernandez, a well-known action star, was hit twice in the body. One bullet hit him in the upper left chest and in the left hip. He was first taken to the National Orthopedic hospital in Quezon City. Later he was transferred to the V. Luna General Hospital. Lopez was taken to the Chinese General Hospital with two gunshot wounds in the upper chest. He was placed under observation.
Initial police investigation disclosed that shortly before the shooting, Fernandez with four companions allegedly confronted Pangilinan and his three companions saying that the latter’s guns had no license. Pangilinan’s group which include Lopez, Hilario Sigua, 31, and Violeta Orbita, 17, better known for her screen name as Rosanna Ortiz, countered that their guns were licensed and that they would be willing to go to the police precinct to have their guns verified by the police. Fernandez’ group which included Berting Labra, Tony Baguio, “Teniente” Barcelona and an unidentified man, went to Quezon City precinct 1 to see whether the guns of Pangilinan, Lopez and Sigua were licensed. The guns--- a 9 mm Browning auto pistol, .45 caliber pistol revolver --- were verified to be covered with licenses and permits by the police.
Pangilinan and his group who were riding in a Mercury-Cougar car were allowed by the police to leave with their guns. They took A. Bonifacio on their way to Manila. While they were on their way, Sigua said they noticed that they were being followed by two jeeps --- red and blue --- where Fernandez and his group were riding. Sigua said Pangilinan told the driver to speed up so as not to be overtaken by the Fernandez group. On reaching the Manila-Quezon City boundary beside the La Loma cemetery, however, there was a traffic jam. They were forced to stop. With the traffic at a stand-still, they noticed that Fernandez and his men had already surrounded them with drawn guns and ordered not to draw their weapons or they would be killed. Fernandez, according to Sigua, was armed with a pistolized carbine and his companions with pistols. Miss Ortiz shouted, pleading that their lives be spared. Without ado, Fernandez and his group allegedly opened fire at Pangilinan and his companions. After the burst of gunfire, Pangilinan and Lopez shouted that they were hit. At this juncture, Fernandez and his group got in their jeeps and fled towards Quezon City. Sigua said they rushed the victims to the nearby Chinese General hospital.
Fernandez’ condition was described as fair by Dr. B.A. Manlapig of the National Orthopedic hospital. On advice of his lawyer, Martin D. Pantaleon, Fernandez would not give his version to the reporter.
The Manila Times/ September 18, 1969

Actress talks:
Rosanna Ortiz describes how Pangilinan was killed

By Max Buan
“I saw it happen. And I think it was a treacherous way of killing Renato Pangilinan. “ Thus did movie actress Rosanna Ortiz, the supposed missing witness in the gunslaying of the young businessman in Quezon City last Wednesday, unburden herself in a press conference yesterday. Miss Ortiz was a picture of bitterness as she talked--- the first time she came out publicly since the incident, to shed light on the killing. Dressed in a fetching black and white dress, the long-limbed, long-haired 17-year-old beauty was presented by her father, Larry Orbeta, to the press. “First of all’” she said, “I was not in hiding nor I missing. I was so confused after the incident I did not know what to do. Then came the threats. Several unknown callers threatened to do me harm if I talked. Father convinced me not to be afraid and to tell the truth.”
Miss Ortiz recounted before newsmen the circumstances that led to the killing of Pangilinan, whom she described as a long-time friend. She said she had known Pangilinan, a vice president of Bhesco, a construction firm. Of Eddie Fernandez, she got acquainted only recently “when he began making with me Ako ang Sasagupa, which is still uncompleted.” “I still can’t understand why Fernandez and his companions shot Pangilinan,” the actress said. “Earlier in the afternoon that fateful Wednesday, when I introduced them, they seemed to be cordial yet. “That’s why when I saw Eddie Fernandez beside Pangilinan’s car later on, pointing a carbine at us, I was surprised. Then he shouted: “Huwag kayong kikilos at papatayin ko kayong lahat!” (Don’t move or I’ll kill you all) Then he began firing,” the actress said. “My companions in the car (Pangilinan, Hilario, Sigua and driver, Apolinario Lopez) never had a chance. The firing was so sudden I don’t believe they were able to fire back. During the firing, Pangilinan suddenly slumped on my lap. He had been hit. Then the next thing I knew, the driver, who also had been hit drove the car toward the Chinese General Hospital nearby.” The NBI said yesterday that an examination of Pangilinan’s hands during the autopsy showed them negative for powder burns. This would indicate, the NBI said, that he never fired his gun, a 9mm Browning pistol.
Miss Ortiz said that early in the afternoon, while they were on location shooting of the film, Ako ang Sasagupa in Biak-na-Bato in Quezon City, Pangilinan called her by telephone and told her he wanted to visit her on the set. He came and Miss Ortiz introduced him to Fernandez. Fernandez, who allegedly had been drinking that afternoon with his cronies, including actor Berting Labra, greeted Pangilinan casually. Miss Ortiz said the next thing she knew Pangilinan and his two companions were being taken to the police Precinct 1 for verification of their guns. She said that along with Fernandez and the film director, they followed Pangilinan to the precinct. At the police precinct, Pangilinan, according to Miss Ortiz, learned that Fernandez was the person who had called the police. When everything had been straightened out (the guns of Pagilinan’s men were found to be in order, Miss Ortiz added, she joined Fernandez in his jeep with the intention of returning to the film set in Biak-na-Bato. But Fernandez allegedly stepped down from the jeep and ordered the driver to get his long firearm (presumably the carbine). “This scared me. I even asked a policeman why Fernandez needed his long firearm.” The actress said. She decided then to ask Pangilinan to drive her back to Biak-na-Bato. It was when Pangilinan's car was held up by traffic on A. Bonifacio st. that Fernandez and his companions allegedly surrounded the vehicle and shot its occupants.
The Manila Times/ September 21, 1969


RAD said...

It was a pity that a young man like Mr. Pangilian was killed without any reason. What ever happenned to Rosanna Ortiz?

Anonymous said...

I heard that she's very rich now. She's a successful businesswoman.

Chicha said...

I really didnt know what had happened to Pops Fernandez father and why he'd been jailed for years. Now, i just read the story..
Where,s Rosanna Ortiz now? When I was young i saw the original movie of Patayin Sa Sindak Si Barbara. I like that movie..Would they show it again on TV?

Rey Sapnu said...

I met Rossana Ortiz in West Covina, California 20 years agoa nd still very glamorous. We cried together when we met. Rey Pangilinan was my best friend. We reminisced the good old days when we used to party together with some friends and her sister. I learned from Rossana that she eventually had a live-in partner who was hailed from Saudi. Nephew of a sheik. She was selling Saudi gold and jewelries then. Inever heard from her again since then.

angelica buan said...

THANK YOU for posting online this old writeup by my dad, Max Buan Jr.


Anonymous said...

It was purely jealousy that Eddie is arrogant or too proud to admit. He is jealous of Rey Pangilinan, that's the simple story and this Eddie Fernandez is a spoiled brat.

komandante said...

Masyado silang mapupusok nuon. Selos ang naghari kay Lagalag kaya niya nagawa ang pamamaril, Si Berting Labra ay nadamay lng dahil sa barkada. After their release from Munti, Eddie was involved in drug trafficking and was gunned down by aggresive Makati Policeman in a check point. If you live by the gun you die by the gun. Such stories interest me greatly.

wayne moises said...

He is the action star of the 1960's era was discovered by Cirio Santiago of Premiere Productions and became the role of a covert operations expert and a Pinoy version of James Bond also known as Lagalag became popular action/adventure/espionage series battles villains terrorists and extremists and save the world from destruction and keep the peace inspired from movies novels radio serials comic books and media and he is the father of singer/actress Pops Fernandez and remains a popular celebrity.thanks for the information about your comments in your opinion.from:Wayne

Anonymous said...

I think she lives in al khobar ksa.during the 90s there is a big flower shop named after her rosanas flower boutique.and our kababayans says it is owned by rosana ortiz.

wayne moises said...

She is the former film star of the 1960's and 1970's now based in Al Khobar City Saudi Arabia and became a successful businesswoman sell flowers and souvenirs after several years of making Filipino films for two decades the former friend of the late Eddie Fernandez the slain actor was gunned by Makati City Police in 1993 22 years ago. Thanks! From:Wayne

wayne moises said...

She is the former Filipino bold star of the 1960's and 1970's in Filipino films now a businesswoman/entrepreneur in Al Khobar City Saudi Arabia after making Filipino movies for two decades. Thanks! From:Wayne

wayne moises said...

She is a gorgeous Filipino actress of the 1960's & 1970's for 2 decades she is now based in Al Khobar Saudi Arabia as a businesswoman and entrepreneur sells flowers and souvenirs and a successful career woman after his movies that made famous for his sexy/bold roles in Philippine history. Thanks!

wayne moises said...

Jake Cuenca a dream role wants portray the late Eddie Fernandez former action star played as the secret agent Lagalag based from a radio serial becomes a 1960's espionage film series released by Premiere Productions under its wing Cirio H Santiago soon to be filmed by early spring of 2015 by Star Cinema. Thanks for the information. From:Wayne. www.abs-cbn.com

wayne moises said...

Jessie Mendiola a dream role wants to portray Dulce Lucban the estranged wife and former actress of the late Eddie Fernandez now based in Vancouver BC Canada the proposed film biography for Star Cinema by early spring of 2015 next year. Thanks for the information. From:Wayne

wayne moises said...

Bangs Garcia Philippine actress a dream role wants to portray Rosanna Ortiz in film television and media as soon as possible by Star Cinema next year in 2015. Thanks for the information. From:Wayne. www.abs-cbn.com

wayne moises said...

Johnny Manahan Filipino film and television producer a dream role wants to portray as Cirio H Santiago in film television and media underway by Star Cinema next year in 2015 soon. Thanks for the information. From:Wayne. www.abs-cbn.com

wayne moises said...

Xian Lim Filipino actor a dream role wants to portray as Rey Pangilinan in film television and media underway by Star Cinema next year in 2015. Thanks! From:Wayne www.abs-cbn.com

wayne moises said...

Michael Flores a dream role wants to portray as Tony Baguio actor/stuntman and friend of Eddie Fernandez in film television and media for Star Cinema/ABS-CBN network soon. Thanks! From:Wayne

wayne moises said...

Joross Gamboa the comeback actor a dream role wants to portray as Berting
Labra in film television and media by Star Cinema/ABS-CBN network soon. Thanks! From:Wayne


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