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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


"Dalagang Taring" (1955)
LVN Pictures
Release Date October 7-16, 1955/ Life
Screenplay Armando de Guzman
Music F. Buencamino, Jr.
Direction Dr. Gregoro Fernandez
Cast Delia Razon, Nestor de Villa, Rosa Aguirre, Arturo Moran, Merly Fernandez, Vic Silayan, Lourdes Yumol, Pianing Vidal, Mario Roldan, Natoy Katindig, Ramon Yulo

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Jennifer Lagman said...

Hi Simon,

I am Jenn Lagman and I am a researcher. We are producing a documentary series on Philippine Basketball for the National Geographic Channel/Fox International-Philippines. The book, PACIFIC RIMS by Rafe Bartholomew, inspired this project.

We are currently researching for articles, documents, photographs and footage about Philippine Basketball, specifically during the Early MICAA days up to the establishment of the PBA in the country. In the course of our research, I stumbled upon your blog and found different materials such as newspaper articles, clipping and some photographs.

We will need 20 seconds worth of media such as newspaper headlines, articles, photographs and footage of the said materials. Thus, I would like to inquire if it will be possible for us to borrow research materials that you have used in your blog? Please let me know if this is allright with you. It would be our pleasure to put your name in our credits.

We look forward to hearing your response, and for any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you very much.

- Jenn


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