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Thursday, October 4, 2012


"Kerubin" (1952)- Stars Tessie Agana, Linda Estrella, Van de Leon, Chichay, Tolindoy/ Directed by Octavio Silos
Synopsis: Kerubin (Tessie Agana), a naughty little angel makes St. Peter sore by being constantly late because of ever wandering into space even after the heavy gates of heaven are closed. So the St. Peter sends Kerubin to earth, and can only return to heaven on the condition that the angel should make a sad soul happy.

Kerubin chooses to console Anastacia (Linda Estrella). Ana is a frustrated wife who wants to be a mother. She is a devout woman, but her prayers are not answered. Her troubles assume desperate proportions when her husband (Van de Leon), tired of being a childless husband, decides to date and flirt with a scheming woman, Margarita (Bella Flores).

So Kerubin goes straight to Ana and makes her known of her heavenly mission. The naughty angel makes sad Ana a happy woman, all right, but complications follow, because the vision of Kerubin is only visible to Ana, and to her maid, Panchang (Chichay).

When the husband begins to notice the strange behavior of his wife and the maid, talking to invisible being, and similar other unexplained incidents, he tells this to Margarita who believes that Ana is getting insane, due to her frustrated desire to have a child and to the infidelity of the husband. Here’s a good chance to get rid of her, says Margarita. Send her to the asylum.

Judicial proceedings to have Ana confined begin, but the first lawyer hired by the adulterous couple, after investigating the case, turns down the job of sending Ana to the asylum, because Divinia, his wife, believes that Ana is telling the truth.

Panchang escapes Ana’s household after testifying to Ana’s insanity, because she is threatened by Ana’s husband. She takes refuge in the lawyer's house who is now convinced that Ana is not off her mind. In the meanwhile, another lawyer is hired, and during the court hearing, petitioners have all the evidence on their side. The first lawyer, Justo, in vain tries a brilliant defense. Just when everything is about lost, and the Judge is about to issue out the order of confinement, Kerubin comes into the courtroom to validate Justo’s objections and to sway the balance of justice in favor of Ana.

And that’s not enough. Back in heaven, Kerubin urges St. Peter to intercede on Ana’s behalf so that she may be given a child, one who just looks like Kerubin. Petition granted. (Source: Literary Song-Movie magazine)

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TheCoolCanadian said...

Hmmm... intervention of the Divine Power to solve human conflict: Deus ex machina. This device seemed to have worked all the time in many komiks serials.


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