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Thursday, March 22, 2012


"The nugget that started the new Gold Rush for Carmen Rosales' renewed presence onscreen shortly after the war was a headliner of hers innocuously entitled Probinsiyana, Premiere Producions' initial venture, which ran for months at Dalisay Theater. In fact, so unprecedented was the success of Probinsiyana that the record it set at the box-office reported unbeaten for seven years, until Deegar Cinema's Now and Forever (1953), the movie that starred 1951 Miss Universe Armi Kuusela and real-life husband Virgilio Hilario came along." (source: A Movie Album Quizbook by Jessie B. Garcia)

Premiere Productions, Inc.

Release Date: August 13- September 8, 1946/Dalisay
Direction Susana C. de Guzman
Cast Carmen Rosales, Jose Padilla, Jr., Tony Arnaldo, Roberto Rosales/ Introducing Maria Luisa & Lilia Dizon/ with Jose Cris Soto, Pugak, Tugak, Sally, Bayani Casimiro


Anonymous said...

magandang gabi po. i am searching for a copy of "Alias Sakim" starring Anita Linda. would you be able to help me find or direct me towards a possible source? my email address is 3shakesisawank@gmail.com i would really appreciate any help you can provide. maraming salamat po.

Video 48 said...

Sorry, we don't have copy of the movie.


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