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Monday, February 14, 2011


"Ang Viuda Alegre" (1941)
X-otic Films Inc.
Release Date: July 31- August 7, 1941/ Times Theater
Music Franz Lehar
In Charge of Production Eduardo de Castro
Director Enrique H. Davila
Cast Lucita Goyena, Fernando Poe, Serafin Garcia, Mona Lisa, Lupe Velasco, Jose Troni, Sonia Reyes, Rosario Ong, Manuel Eloriaga, R. Centenera, Antonia Santos, S. Zaragosa, Juanito Lazaga

"Movie flyers have been used by theater owners as promotional ads to drum up business for movies. They would print them up from materials provided by the studio, adding information on local screening times and locations. Although they were cheaply produced, many of the flyers were quite nicely designed and are now considered highly collectibles. In many cases the original films have been lost, making the surviving flyers the only visual record of numerous movies."


James DR said...

Simon, since start na ng war sa Philippines ang 1941, natuloy kaya yung mga pelikula ng X'Otic Films ma naka-line up sa movie flyer like "Maputing Dambana", "Princesa Urduja", "Lumawig". Yung "Palaris" lang ni Fernando Poe ang alam kong naisapelikula, di ba? Ano kayang mga pelikula ang natapos nang gawin pero di nagawang ipalabas sa mga sinehan dahil sa biglang nagka-giyera (na nasira din after the war)?

Video 48 said...

James, may natapos din mga pelikula before the war at naipalabas ito during the war. I'll try to make a post on this.


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