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Thursday, August 5, 2010


Cherubim Films' Bulaklak sa City Jail won the Best Picture Award in the 1984 Metro Manila Film Festival. It also received four other major awards--- Best Actress (Nora Aunor); Best Director (Mario O'Hara); Best Story and Best Screenplay (both for Lualhati Bautista). Other awardees include--- Best Actor (Herbert Bautista/ Shake, Rattle & Roll); Best Supporting Actor (Ed Villapol/ Alapaap); Best Supporting Actress (Celia Rodriguez/Bulaklak sa City Jail); Best Cinematography and Best Art Direction (Joe Tutanes/ Alapaap); Best Editing (Jess Navarro/ Shake, Rattle & Roll); Best Music (Jaime Fabregas/ Shake, Rattle & Roll) and Best Child Performer (Chuckie Dreyfuss/ Idol).

A total of nine entries participated in the filmfest and saw the debut of Shake, Rattle and Roll,
probably the most successful film series in the history of Philippine cinema.

"Bulaklak sa City Jail" (1984)- Stars Nora Aunor, Gina Alajar, Celia Rodriguez, Perla Bautista, Maya Valdez, Zenaida Amador, Maritess Gutierrez, Shyr Valdez/ Directed by Mario O'Hara

Shake, Rattle & Roll (1984)/ Three Episodes

Episode 1: “Baso”- Directed by Emmanuel Borlaza/ Cast- Joel Torre, Rey’PJ’ Abellana, Arlene Muhlach
Episode 2: “Pridyider” – Directed by Ishmael Bernal/ Cast- Janice de Belen, Charito Solis, William Martinez, Mon Alvir, Lito Gruet
Episode 3: “Manananggal” – Directed by Peque Gallaga/ Cast- Herbert bautista, Irma Alegre, Mary Walter, Peewee Quiajano, Pen Medina

"Ang Panday IV: Ika- Apat Na Aklat" (1984)- Stars Fernando Poe, Jr., Marianne dela Riva, Lito Anzures, Bentot, Jr., Eddie Infante, Mario Escudero, Robert Rivera and Max Alvarado/ Special participation of Rowell Santiago/ Directed by Ronwaldo Reyes

"Alapaap" (1984)- Stars William Martinez, Mark Gil. Michael de Mesa and Tanya Gomez/ Introducing Eva Rose Palma, Isadora/ Directed by Tata Esteban

"Misteryo sa Tuwa" (1984)- Stars Tony Santos, Sr., Johnny Delgado, Ronie Lazaro, Alicia Alonzo, Lito Anzures, Amable Quiambao, Mario Montes/ Directed by Abbo Q. dela Cruz

"Idol" (1984)- Stars Rudy Fernandez, Connie Angeles, Chuckie Dreyfuss, Dencio Padilla, Ruben Rustia, Victor Bravo,Dick Israel, Robert Talabis, Philip Gamboa, Bomber Moran, Rommel Valdez/ Directed by Romy Suzara

"Bukas... May Pangarap" (1984)- Stars Gina Alajar, Tommy Abuel, Dante Balaois, Michael Baluyot, Richard Baluyot, Thea Cleofe Salvador, Bes Flores, Ruben Rustia, Bebong Osorio, Josie Galvez/ Directed by Gil Portes

"Atsay Killer: Buti Nga Sa 'Yo" (1984)- Stars Eddie Garcia, Panchito, Cachupoy, Fauzi Omar, Isabel Rivas, Barbara Luna, Julie Ann Fortich, Donna Villa, Rosemarie de Vera/ Directed by Angel Labra

"Muntinlupa 1958" (1984)- Stars Anthony Alonzo, Marianne dela Riva, Fred Montilla, Tita Munoz, Alicia Alonzo, Max Alvarado, Joonee Gamboa, Renato del Prado, Rodolfo 'Boy' Garcia/ Directed by Jose Antonio Alonzo


Anonymous said...

Celia Rodriguez won Best Supporting Actress for portaying a whore behind bars in Bulaklak Ng City Jail.

Oe more trivia..did you know that Nora Aunor was the firt choice for the female lead in Minsan (or it is Bukas) May Pangarap..but due to her hectic schedules, she backed out from the project... she already even shoot some scenes fro the film... the role eventually went to Gina Alajar...

Marami ang humula na itoi ang makakalaban ng Bulaklak ng City jail for the major awards..pero hindi ito nagustuahn ng mga jurors..masyadong depressing sa kanila ang dating ng pelikula. Parang hindi pag festival moie na usually during Xmas na laging may reedeming factor ang mga nananalo ng Best Picture.


Video 48 said...

Noli, I was trying to figure who won the Best Supporting Actress category. Thanks for the info, likewise, the trivia.


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