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Sunday, June 20, 2010


Billed as 'Ang Mahiwagang Sinderella,' Cofradia was probably inspired by the popular fairy tale character named Cinderella. The 1953 movie was based from a komiks novel created by Dominador Ad. Castillo and appeared on the pages of Mabuhay Komiks in 1952. It is a heart-touching story, as the blurb says, of a girl (played by Gloria Romero) who was afraid to love because---she was black. She becomes the subject of ridicule and humiliation and the butt of jokes, mockery and extreme embarrassments from people around her. But like the fairy tale Cinderella, Cofradia turns into a beautiful young lady with the lighting of a mysterious candle.

Left- Kislap Magazine/ April 29, 1953

Right- "Cofradia" (1953)- Stars Gloria Romero, Ramon Revilla, Chichay, Tony Cayado, Rebecca del Rio, Priscilla Concepcion, Precy Ortega/ Directed by Artemio B. Tecson

The young Gina Alajar reprises the role in 1973. Gloria Romero, the original Cofradia, returns as the mother.

"Cofradia" (1973)- Stars Gloria Romero, Luis Gonzales, Gina Pareno, Rosemarie Gil, Jojit Paredes and Gina Alajar/ with Matimtiman Cruz, Raquel Montessa, Cloyd Robinson/ Directed by Mar S. Torres

Movietime Magazine/ Sptember 1973
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"Cofradia"(1952)/ Mabuhay Komiks/
Nobela ni Dominador Ad Castillo/ Guhit ni Ben S. Maniclang

Komiks materials-
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enadurata said...

Thanks for this post, Simon!
Do you have a copy of this movie?

Video 48 said...

Sorry, I don't have a copy of this movie.

Anonymous said...

sir do you have the ad of gina alajar's version? Thank you

Video 48 said...

I don't have the ad of Gina Alajar's version. I'll post it as soon as I get one. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Love confradia character... I saw Gina Alajar version of the movie...very entertaining...

AAA said...

Where can I see this movie (cofradia)?? Gloria Romero 1952. Please help. TY

Julius said...

Do you have a PDF copy of these komiks paticularly Cofradia? Thanks.. seguido@yahoo.com

Mar Dagaerag said...

Where can I purchase this film "confradia"? I have been looking for this film for a long time... Please email ( aia.gsc74@gmail.com) me if you have an idea. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Me too... Tagal ko na rin gustong mapanood uli yang movie na Confradia (napanood ko nung bata pa ako sa Channel 9)


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