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Friday, November 7, 2008


"Kill the Pushers" (1972)- Stars Joseph Estrada, Pilar Pilapil, Rosemarie Gil, Vic Silayan, Ruben Rustia, Romeo Rivera, Ruel Vernal, Zenaida Amador/ Directed by Augusto Buenaventura

Best Picture - Kill The Pushers (JE Productions)
Best Actor - George Estregan (Sukdulan/ Emar Pictures)

Best Actress - Boots Anson-Roa (Tatay Na Si Erap/ JE Productions)

Best Actress - Vilma Santos (Dama De Noche/ Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions)

Best Supporting Actress - Marissa Delgado (Till Death Do Us Part/ Lea Productions)

Best Supporting Actor - Nick Romano (Tatlong Mukha Ni Rosa Vilma/ Roma Productions)

Best Director - Augusto Buenaventura (Kill The Pushers)

Best Child Actress - Snooky (Mahalin Mo Sana Ako/ Virgo Film Productions)

Best Child Actor - Robin Aristorenas (Elias, Basilio at Sisa/ Juver Productions)

Best Story - Louise de Mesa (Babae, Ikaw Ang Dahilan) (Virgo Film Productions)

Best Screenplay - Augusto Buenaventura (Kill The Pushers) (JE Productions)

Best Screenplay - Luis Enriquez (Mahalin Mo Sana Ako/ Virgo Film Productions)

Best Cinematography (Color) - Nonong Rasca (Nardong Putik)

Best Cinematography (Black & White) - Ricardo Remias (Babae, Ikaw Ang Dahilan)

Best Editing - Marcelino Navarro (Nardong Putik)

Best Musical Score - Restie Umali (Ang Alamat/ FPJ Productions)

Best Sound - Angel Avellana (Kill The Pushers)

Special Awardees:

Dr. Ciriaco Santiago Memorial Award - Dr. Jose R. Perez

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Sukdulan (1972)- Stars George Estregan, Rosemarie Gil, Eddie Garcia, Cristina Reyes and Perla Bautista/ Directed by Armando Garces

Left- Tatay na si Erap! (1972)- Stars Joseph Estrada and Boots Anson-Roa/ Directed by Augusto Buenaventura

Right- Dama De Noche
(1972)- Stars Vilma Santos and Edgar Mortiz/ Directed by Emmanuel Borlaza

3 Mukha ni Rosa Vilma- (1972)- Stars Vilma Santos, Edgar Mortiz, Jay Ilagan, Nick Romano/ with Carlos Salazar, Beth Manlongat/ Directed by Romy Suzara
Till Death Do Us Part (1972)- Stars Hilda Koronel, Victor Laurel, Eddie Garcia, Marissa Delgado, Raul Aragon/ Introducing Pinky De Leon/ Directed by Ishmael Bernal

Mahalin Mo Sana Ako (1972)- Stars Eddie Rodriguez, Boots Anson-Roa, Snooky, Connie Angeles, Renato Robles, Diana Dean/ Directed by Luis Enriquez

Elias, Basilio at Sisa (1972)- Stars Juna Aristorenas, Robin Aristorenas, Virginia, Romy Diaz, Johnny Monteiro, Venchito Galvez, Aldo Cruz/ Directed by Junar


enadurata said...

Thanks Simon.
Sana naisama mo ang movie lay-outs ng Dama de Noche at Tatlong Mukha ni Rosa Vilma.


Anonymous said...

I'm a big Jun Aristorenas fan. Can you please show more of his movies especially his Junar production ones.



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