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Sunday, November 9, 2008


Diomedes Maturan was introduced in this movie as
"the guy with the velvet voice."

Rose Tatoo ng Buhay Ko (1958)- Diomedes Maturan's First Movie/ Stars Charito Solis, Eddie Rodriguez, Diomedes Maturan/ Directed by Natoy Katindig

Dubbed as the “Perry Como” of the Philippines, Diomedes Maturan rose to fame by winning the popular singing competition "Tawag Ng Tanghalan" for his song "Rose Tatoo".

Maturan’s ascent to stardom in the late ’50s was quite phenomenal, especially in this industry where good looks count a lot. Tall, dark, but not quite handsome, he became a sensation on the sheer strength of his remarkable singing voice.

Representing Central Luzon, Maturan became a grand champion in the 1958 Tawag ng Tanghalan. Since his winning created such a huge impact on the public, LVN Pictures decided to make him a movie star and cast him in the film Rose Tattoo ng Buhay Ko, which actually praises the pains and triumphs he went through before he became a Tawag ng Tanghalan champion. The film, which also starred Charito Solis and Eddie Rodriguez (now both deceased), was a box office hit. LVN obviously had in its hands a goldmine in the golden voice of this golden boy and the studio set out to strike more gold by casting him in more pictures.

Ginintuang Tinig, still with Solis and Rodriguez – cast him as an aspiring singer who later achieves stardom. Then, there was Maturan at Lagman, which dramatized his rivalry with another product of the amateur singing contest circuit, Cenon Lagman. The late Pugo and Bentot provide comic support in this film.

Aside from his great musical ability, Diomedes Maturan also displayed a knack for comedy. In the 1959 film, Private Maturan, he comically reports to the army dressed to the nines – in a shimmering suit with matching sunglasses. He is supported in this comedy film by Pugo, Patsy, Bentot, Lopito and Hector Reyes (all deceased). In Detective Maturan (also filmed in 1959), he goes undercover in one scene by dressing up like a woman – wig, dress and all. Nineteen fifty nine was clearly his year – with all his films making money at the box office.

Maturan continued making movies for LVN in 1960: Lovingly Yours with Mila Ocampo (now better known as Snooky Serna’s mother, she was actually a Miss Philippine Press Photography winner, introduced by LVN to film via Biyaya ng Lupa), Botika sa Baryo (with Marita Zobel) and Doon Po sa Amin (with Ocampo and Zobel).

Before LVN Pictures folded up in 1961, he managed to do one more film with the studio: Prinsipe Diomedes at ang Mahiwagang Gitara – still with Marita Zobel as leading lady.

Diomedes Maturan’s rise to stardom may actually be likened to that of Nora Aunor. Both were Tawag ng Tanghalan grand champions. Both were dark-skinned, but were able to penetrate an industry kinder and more hospitable to those with fair complexion.

Maturan died on April 7, 2002 of heart attack at age 61.

Manila, April 10, 2002 (STAR) by Butch Francisco

Private Maturan (1959)- Stars Diomedes Maturan, Pugo, Lopito, Patsy, Bentot, Hector Reyes, Luz Valdez/ Directed by Natoy Katindig

Maturan at Lagman (1959)- Stars Diomedes Maturan, Pugo, Lopito, Patsy, Bentot, Marita Zobel, Mila Ocampo and introducing Cenon Lagman/ Directed by Natoy Katindig

Lovingly Yours (1960)- Stars Pugo, Lopito, Patsy, Bentot, Mila Ocampo and Diomedes Maturan/ Directed by Natoy Katindig

Prinsipe Diomedes at ang Mahiwagang Gitara (1961)- Stars Diomedes Maturan, Pugo, Lopito, Patsy, Bentot, Marita Zobel and LVN's 7 Dwarfs/ Directed by Natoy Katindig

Top Tunes (1964)- Stars Eddie Mesa, Jose Mari and Diomedes Maturan/ with Yolanda Guevarra, Jerry Pons and Helen Gamboa/ Directed byLarry Santiago

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