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Thursday, August 7, 2008


I always admired Apeng Daldal for his "clean, honest, fun---nothing obscene and no backstabbing" jokes. I first saw him, as a kid, in the TV show, The Big Show and later, Libis ng Baryo and Tindahan sa Kanto, all telecast on Channel 11. That was in 1964. Though underrated, I would rate him an above-par comedian probably in the league of Dolphy and Chiquito. Apeng, a fast talker and good ad-libber, was best remembered for his two protruding front teeth. Those teeth were his biggest asset and became his stepping stone to stardom.
Born on October 12, 1928 in San Luis, Pampanga, Apeng (Serafin Gabriel in real life) spent his early years in Manila working as “kargador” in Divisoria. Apeng, skinny and thin-reed, didn’t stay long with his job. He joined several circus shows and performed acrobatic acts in town fiestas. He quit after suffering nasty cuts and broken limbs in his body.
A funny person in real life, he entered vaudeville and stage shows in the late 40s and 50s doing comedy skits in the Opera House. With Mar Lopez and Bebing Santos, they formed a trio they called “Top Three,” then Opera’s top drawer. From vaudeville and stage shows, he ventured into television. He was discovered by Johnny Wilson and had his first TV appearance in “The Big Show,” with Cris De Vera.

Libis ng Baryo (1964)- Stars Susan Roces, Lito Legaspi, Josephine Estrada, Ramil Rodriguez, Apeng Daldal/ Directed by Jose De Villa

Bandong Pugante (1964)- Stars Eddie Rodriguez, Cecilia Lopez, Aida Roxas, Vic Andaya, Apeng Daldal and Joe Sison/ Directed by Joseph De Cordova
He soon entered the movie world appearing in supporting roles --- his first movie appearance- Libis ng Baryo (1964) with Susan Roces, followed by Bandong Pugante (1964) with Eddie Rodriguez, Babaeng Kidlat (1964) with Dolphy, before being given a major role in 1965 in Sampaguita Pictures’ Magic Bilao and Walis ni Tengteng, both smash hits. His first starring role was Maskulado (1965). There’s no stopping Apeng from here on. He did Mistiko Meets Mamaw, Tatlong Mabilis, Tatlong Mabilis sa Hongkong, Pogi Dozen, Baticobra at Flying Salakot, among others.
Talented as ever, Apeng also wrote scripts for 70s TV shows like Ayos Lang, Pare Ko on Channel 9 (with Nova Villa and Rod Navarro); The Nida-Lita Show on Channel 9 (with Nida Blanca and Lita Gutierrrez); Barok-an Subdivision on Channel 13 (with Yoyo Villame). He can be heard in the radio during the afternoon and evening timeslots. He was a mainstay in several successful TV shows, among them Trio Los Bobos in the 70s and Cafeteria Aroma in the 8os.

Trio Los Bobo (1970)- with Apeng Daldal, Bert 'Tawa' Marcelo
and Cachupoy/ TV Show/ Channel 5

On February 9, 1992, Apeng died of emphysema at the age of 64 after battling the disease for years. He was survived by his wife, the former Elma Modesto (she will be turning 76 this August 10) and eight children.
Many thanks to Lola Emma (wife of Apeng), to the Gabriel Family and to Ms. Joni Hernandez.

Babaing Kidlat (1964)- Stars Dolphy, Apeng Daldal, Gloria Montiel, Tony Cayado, Ric Bustamante, Jay Ilagan and Liza Moreno in the title role/ Directed by Tony Cayado

Simbangis ng Tigre (1964)- Stars Amalia Fuentes, Bernard Bonnin, Van De Leon, Carl Varga, Chichay, Rodolfo 'Boy' Garcia, Apeng Daldal/ Directed by Tony Cayado

Show Business (1964)- Stars Dolphy, Jose Mari, Maggie De La Riva, Apeng Daldal, Aruray, Ponga, Dulce Lukban/ Directed by Tommy C. David

Magic Bilao (1965)- Stars Rosemarie, Dindo Fernando, Apeng Daldal/ with Rodolfo 'Boy' Garcia, Nori Dalisay/ Directed by Artemio Marquez

Walis ni Tenteng (1965)- Stars Rosemarie, Dindo Fernando, Blanca Gomez, Bert LeRoy,Jr. and Apeng Daldal/ Directed by Artemio Marquez

Maskulado (1965)- Stars Apeng Daldal, Lopito, Yolanda Guevarra, Imelda Ilanan, Arnold Mendoza, Vicente Liwanag/ Directed by Artemio Marquez

Tatlong Mabilis
(1965)- Stars Bentot, Cachupoy and Apeng Daldal/with Rey Taylo, Vilma Valera, Ruby Regala and Stella Suarez/ Directed by Jose Miranda Cruz

Tatlong Mabilis
sa Hongkong(1965)- Stars Bentot, Cachupoy and Apeng Daldal/with Mila Montanez, Stella Suarez, Chona Delgado and Eva Darren/ Directed by Jose Miranda Cruz

Pitong James Bonds (1966)- Stars Pugo, Lopito, Bentot, Tugak, Pugak,Cachupoy and Apeng Daldal/with Ruby Regala, Minda Morena, Nellie Madrigal / Directed by Tony Camonte

Mistico Meets Mamaw (1966)- Stars Marlene Dauden, Charlie Dava and Apeng Daldal/ with Martin Marfil, Rebecca Gonzales/ Directed by Totoy Rivera

The Pogi Dozen (1967)- Stars Chiquito, Tugak, Pugak, Toto, Pabo, Ponga, Tintoy, Joseph Polk, Manok, Pepot and Apeng Daldal/ Directed by Luis San Juan

The Son of Dyango Meets Dorango Kid (1967)- Stars Bino Garcia, Eli Salas, Renato Del Prado, Apeng Daldal, Popoy, Anna Ledesma and Merle Fernandez/ Directed by Wilthor

Dobol Dribol (1979)- Stars Nora Aunor, Robert Jaworski, Dely Atay-Atayan, APeng Daldal, Pugak/ Story and screenplay by Apeng Daldal/ Directed by Jose Dagumboy

Kamakalawa (1981)- Stars Christopher De Leon, Chat Silayan, Techie Agbayani, Raul Aragon, Apeng Daldal/ Directed by Eddie Romero


James DR said...

Isa si Apeng Daldal sa mga comedian na nakapagpatawa sa akin, together with Dolphy, Panchito, Chiquito, Babalu, Cachupoy, Pugo, Bentot, Redford White. Sa ngayong mga komedyante, si Vic Sotto, Roderick Paulate at Michael V lang yata ang puwedeng ihanay sa kanila.

Anonymous said...

so sad kahit ni isa wala na tayong mabibili na movies niya...thx sa pagpost at info.

philippine classic movies

marjillet said...

super thanks for posting this... he is lolo.. =) i really didnt realize he was that big until i read your blog. teehee... super thanks..

Anonymous said...

super galing sa style si apeng at iba pang kasabayan niya, favorite ko ang "cafeteria aroma" bago pumasok sa school...by the way saan ba makakakuha ng copy ng Pogi Dozen..this is my all time fave. thanks for posting!

wayne moises said...
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wayne moises said...

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wayne moises said...

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wayne moises said...

I am the big fan of Philippine movies in the Philippines becomes an instant classic in entertainment history. Thanks! From:Wayne

wayne moises said...

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