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Tuesday, October 23, 2018


(Synopsis) Dioscoro “Coring” Derecho (Dolphy) is a gay beautician who likes dressing up in women’s clothes. He has been taking care of Dennis (Phillip Salvador), his boyfriend of five years. However, Dennis leaves him without word. Dennis has been shacking up with a bar hostess, Mariana Jimenez (Marissa Delgado). After some time, Dennis returns with a baby boy. He leaves the baby behind and tells Coring that he is joining the U.S. Navy. Coring is now saddled with a child. He is baptized Marlon Brando Derecho or Nonoy (Nino Muhlach).

Coring changes his lifestyle as he does not want Nonoy to undergo the same identity crisis and the mockery and taunts that go with it. As the boy grows up, he tries hard to be a father. He acts straight when he is with him. This alienates his gay friends who are also forced to ad like men when they’re with the boy.

After several years, Dennis returns. He sees Mariana again who is now rich after her widower-husband died. Mariana is now different and wants the child back. He tells her where to get him. She approaches Coring. But Coring doesn’t want to give up Nonoy. But after consultation with Bebang (Lorli Villanueva), his aunt, Coring agrees to give up the child. He scolds him more often, so that Nonoy would be more amenable to live with Mariana. 

One day, he packs his bags and sends him to her well-appointed house. But Nonoy does not get along with his real mother. He always gets in her way. Nonoy decides to return to Coring. In a gay beauty contest, it is Coring’s turn to speak. He talks about the trials and hardships of being a gay—the joys and sorrows, the loneliness. Rain cuts short his speech and he rushes back home. He sees Nonoy on his doorstep.

(Source: Lino Brocka: The Artist and his Times)

"Ang Tatay Kong Nanay" (1978)
Lotus Films, Inc.
Release Date June 2, 1978
Story and Screenplay Orlando Nadres
Cinematography Jose Batac, Jr.
Film Editing Augusto Salvador
Music Lutgardo Labad
Direction Lino Brocka
Cast Dolphy, Niño Muhlach, Phillip Salvador, Marissa Delgado/ Also Starring Lorli Villanueva, Soxy Topacio, Larry Leviste and Orlando Nadres

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