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Wednesday, July 15, 2015


"Dahil sa Isang Bulaklak" (1967)
Nepomuceno Productions
Release Date May 12, 1967/ New Frontier
Direction Luis Nepomuceno
Cast Charito Solis, Ric Rodrigo, Paraluman, Rod Navarro, Ben Perez, Matimtiman Cruz, Joseph de Cordova, Mary Walter, Pianing Vidal/ Introducing Liza Lorena/ with Henry Stevens, Grace Leonor

Nepomuceno Productions' "Dahil sa Isang Bulaklak" was the biggest box-office draw that time. In its first month of showing, the movie grossed half a million pesos. Ticket sales averaged 90 percent seating capacity. On several occasions, theaters had to close the gates because it could no longer accommodate moviegoers. The movie went on to win the 1967 Manila Film Festival's "Rajah Soliman" award for Best Picture.

Synopsis: The five-year blissful marriage of couple Edilberto (Ric Rodrigo) and Margarita (Charito Solis) turned for the worse when revengeful half-brother, Tony (Rod Navarro) bared a wicked lie to Edilberto in his death bed. He told him that he and Margarita had a relationship and was sorry for it. No amount of explanation can persuade the husband that nothing happen between her and Tony. That prompted Edilberto to stay away with his wife, who was then heavy with a child.

When Margarita gave birth to a baby girl, Edilberto, who owned a vast tract of land, felt that the child was not his and had the baby abducted and entrusted to his trusted caretaker. Her child was reported dead and published in the newspaper.

Edilberto went to the States for good.

Years passed.

While strolling in the hacienda, Margarita met a young girl. She took fancy of the girl. The girl, later on, turned out to be her long lost daughter when she accidentally saw the birth mark. She decided not to tell her the truth until she reached the proper age. The girl grew up to be a very fine and beautiful lady. Her name was Esperanza (Liza Lorena).

Soon, Esperanza learned about her real identity and was happy to know her real parents.

Edilberto arrived after long years in the States.

Age somehow mellowed Edliberto’s anger towards Margarita. He also treated the young Esperanza with fondness and treated her like her daughter. Victoria (Paraluman), Edilberto’s scheming sister, who from the beginning disliked Margarita, told Edilberto that Esperanza was Margarita’s real daughter. That triggered Edilberto’s anger once again and threw his ire to his wife and demanded her and Esperanza to leave. Even the priest (Joseph de Cordova) who administered Tony’s last sacrament and a witness to Margarita’s innocence can’t save the relationship because of his vow.

On her last wish, Margarita asked Edilberto to go with her to the hilltop where they once upon a time, vowed and swore their unwavering love. Again, she told her husband that she did nothing wrong. The husband just brushed her away. To show that she’s innocent, she decided to end her life by jumping over the cliff. Margarita, however, survived the fall. Edilberto though, suffered a heart attack because of the incident.

Edilberto soon realized that he erred in his judgment and found out that his sister was part of the devious plan. In the end, Edilberto, Margarita and Esperanza were reunited.

Margarita (Charito Solis) and Edilberto (Ric Rodrigo) in their first meeting...

Edilberto proposes to Margarita...

The two in one of their happier moments...

The angry and revengeful Tony (Rod Navarro) with his mother, Mary Walter...

Edilberto with scheming sister, Victoria (Paraluman)...

Margarita learns the young girl was her long, lost daughter...

The young girl now a lady named Esperanza (Liza Lorena)

Edilberto, Margarita and Esperanza in a confrontation scene...

One of the highlights... the scene at the hilltop..

Margarita (Charito Solis) swore that she was innocent...

Edilberto, still not ready to forgive...

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