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Saturday, December 6, 2014


1965- The movie career history of Lolita Rodriguez is very interesting. Her start in pictures was very discouraging - nevertheless, she was ultimately destined to become a star of no mean category. 

This is how it happened. While she was appearing as an extra in Sampaguita Pictures years ago, she caught the attention of star-maker Dr. Perez. She made four screen tests in the space of six months, of which not one came out successful. The main defect was that her make-up was applied so heavily. 

(In the meantime, she continued being an extra and played bit roles once in a while.) 

Lolita was finally given a fifth chance. This time, only "still" pictures were taken of her and care was taken so that she applied very light make-up and sported several hair-dos. Needless to say, she passed with flying colors. 

She was tied down to a long term contract which, up to the present time, has reached the endurable span of twelve years!

From the time Lolita was introduced in Pilya (1954) (which, incidentally, also launched Luis Gonzales on his career and was the first starring role of Ric Rodrigo opposite Gloria Romero); starred in Jack and Jill (1954); up to her current assignments - Babaing Hudas (1965) and Sa Oras Ng Kadiliman (1965)--- Lolita's star has never lost its luster. 

Other luminaries may come and go, but no one can hold a candle to the undimming brilliance that will always be Lolita Rodriguez!

Source: Spotlight on Show Business/ 1965

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