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Friday, November 7, 2014


The SOS Daredevils of local movies could very well be the Extras Guild of Hollywood. It works along the same line in matters of membership, allocation of roles, fringe benefits and whammies.

The former has a membership of 60, the latter about 2,000. Membership to both organizations is a rigid matter. A hopeful has to go through an aptitude test and a physical fitness examination before he is accepted as a member.

An aptitude test is something like an initiation to a college Greek society. He is made to answer double-barreled questions, read scripts and deliver impromptu and extemporaneous speeches. 
The physical examination is a back-breaking, spirit-searing process. The hopeful is made to crawl in mud, jump fences and fight professional pugs. The Extra Guild apprentice goes through a school too, but comparatively less harsher and difficult.
But once he makes the grade, the SOS daredevil or the Extra Guild applicant is protected by incursions from within the ranks of the industry, and needless to mention, he gets a coat of reputation.  For an SOS has come to mean training, discipline and ability. 
Looks, in the unwritten code of the SOS, is a secondary matter. The primary thing is ability.
For years now, the SOS daredevils have supplied all the difficult, if not impossible, roles of jumping from a running horse or falling from a deep precipice.
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 (Source: SOS Dardevils and Sancho Tesalona/
 Literary Song-Movie Magazine/ 1963)

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