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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


 "Busabos" (1957)
Sampaguita Pictures
Release Date September 26- October 5, 1957/ Life
Screenplay Tommy David
Music Danny Holmsen
Story Pablo S. Gomez
Serialized in Hiwaga Komiks
Cast Lolita Rodriguez, Eddie Arenas, Rudy Francisco, Etang Discher, Daisy Romualdez, Chichay, Etang Discher, Bella Flores, Pablo Guevarra, Manolo Noble, Isa Rino, Jose Villafranca

Based from the novel by prolific writer, Pablo S. Gomez, comes this engrossing movie, “Busabos,” which tells of a woman’s undying and enduring love for a man.
Elvira (Lolita Rodriguez) grew up under the care of her overprotective and strict mother, Aling Binday (Etang Discher in her award-winning performance). With Elvira’s stunning beauty and gifted singing voice, Aling Binday had good plans for her. She gave her all the amenities, luxuries and comforts in life--- nice dresses, good education, etc. However, when she learned of Elvira having a boyfriend, it devastated her completely.
Knowing that her good plan for Elvira was in jeopardy, Aling Binday devised a wicked and drastic action. She told Armando (Eddie Arenas), Elvira’s boyfriend, a big lie, that Elvira had a “dark past”--- she was a ‘disgrasyada.’ Elvira and Armando separated; an ugly confrontation between the mother and daughter occurred (see film clip 1 below). Elvira left home in haste, her good name and character shattered. She went to Armando but was rejected.

Courtesy of Sampaguita Pictures
Though shamed, humiliated and dejected, Elvira hoped that someday her honor and dignity will be restored and her name be vindicated. It was her unwavering love for Armando that kept her spirit going. In the end, Elvira won the battle. (see clip 2)

Courtesy of Sampaguita Pictures

"Busabos"- Nobela ni Pablo S. Gomez/ Guhit ni Jesse Santos/
Hiwaga Komiks/ Hulyo 25, 1956

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Komiks materials-
From Steve Santos Collection


vicentemendoza@yahoo.com said...


Lolita Rodriguez is very good, and Etang Discher looked and acted like a stern Germanic lady. Chichay looked much older than Lolita Rodriguez to be her best friend? Hmm. Nevertheless she too can act. Are all Pablo Gomez stories have a happy ending?

TheCoolCanadian said...


Thank you so much for posting this. The drawings of Jesse Santos (your relative?) is one of the most easily recognizable in Philippine komiks because of his beautiful images and extremely distinct style.

Lolita Rodriguez is always a pleasure to watch. Her restrained acting is some sort of a trademark in Philippine movies. Contrasting is Charito Solis' all-out technique. When these two fabulous actresses appear together in a scene, expect the best dramatic effect and build-up.

What I like about this movie directed by Jose de Villa is its subdued direction, and the very effective use of close ups. Mr. de Villa, by the way, used to appear in my TV dramas in the 1970s and he's a very good actor himself.

Tony Tenorio confided to me in the 1970s that Pablo Gomez had told him that the leading character in Busabos was based upon his own character. Though I have always known that PSG loved his mother dearly (and it took so many years to recover from mourning her death), she must have been a strict mother, even an overprotected one, trying to give the best for her child).

Even if Pablo's stories always end in an upbeat mode, his characters are all interesting and many are even endearing and quite memorable. He is one of the Philippine movies' better writers.

Mr. Mendoza's comment about Etang Discher is quite amusing. Indeed, she looked German, because she was Germanic, just like Mary Walter. I don't know about STERN, though. I don't believe she was like this in real life, but she was so good playing villain roles that most people think she was also mean in real life.

Simon, with this clips of old movies you are featuring in this blog, you're actually exposing the younger Filipino generation to their country's cinematic glorious past – as one of the world's leading film producing countries in the world.

Everyday people are discovering your awesome blog. Please don't get tired on us.

Rodolfo Samonte said...

Simon, JM,
Truly, these clips fill me with nostalgia for those good old days. Excellent vehicle for the husband-and-wife team of Lolita Rodriguez and the late Eddie Arenas, who rarely appeared with his wife, as I think he was not considered in the top echelon among Sampaguita actors. BTW, a bit of trivia, both Lolita and Eddie appeared (sitting in a table, probably before they were known) in Ang Tangi kong Pagibig, at the beginning of the movie where Carmen Rosales was singing in a nightclub. And a young and lovely Daisy Romualdez too. Thanks for posting Simon.
Yes, JM, Jose de Villa was a character actor for Sampaguita before he turned to directing, like his colleague Rosa Mia. I've seen many of his movies, but don't remember him on TV.
And you know what, Jesse Santos is definitely one of Pinoy Komiks most unheralded illustrator. His sketchy style, however is so American, that his work fitted right in when he started illustrating in the U.S.A.


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