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Friday, October 18, 2013


Teenage sensation Romeo Vasquez starred as a troubled youngster and a juvenile delinquent in this 1957 star-studded classic drama, Sino ang Maysala? It proved to be his biggest break as he overshadowed his co-stars, all big names, with his superb and sterling performance that paved the way for a full stardom in his next picture, Pretty Boy.

Sino ang Maysala? (1957)- Stars Rogelio de la Rosa, Gloria Romero, Paraluman, Ric Rodrigo, Lolita Rodriguez, Luis Gonzales, Rosa Mia, Susan Roces and Romeo Vasquez/ Directed by Armando Garces

The Story--- Bankruptcy drove Don Ramon to commit suicide leaving nothing to the family--- his wife, Rosa (Rosa Mia) and four children, Carmen (Paraluman), Gloria (Gloria Romero), Lolita (Lolita Rodriguez) and Bobby (Romeo Vasquez). Carmen, the eldest, filled the gap left by her father and swore to send her siblings to school (see clip below).

Courtesy of Vera-Perez Productions
Carmen sold her jewelries one at a time until all’s gone except for a pendant bearing the photo of her old flame, Rod (Rogelio de la Rosa). One night, she unexpectedly bumped into Rod in a nightclub. Now married, Rod was still in love with Carmen. Rod’s marriage however to his wife (Bella Flores) was in disarray and his chance meeting with Carmen somehow rekindled his failed relationship with her. Things went smooth between the two lovers until their forbidden relationship came to the attention of Carmen’s family. Irritated, frustrated and ashamed of what happened, Gloria and Lolita kept their distance from Carmen, however the two sisters too had their respective problems. The young and fragile Bobby was in the middle of all these scandals and he soon became very violent and rebellious. From the petty thefts and small fights, he soon resorted into the world of crime. He was caught and put into trial. He blamed his family for all his misfortunes and miseries. The finale can be viewed on the second clip below---

Courtesy of Vera-Perez Productions


TheCoolCanadian said...


I haven't seen this film yet, and basing upon the last sermonizing by Tony Cayado (the judge), this film was almost like a translation of that 1949 Hollywood feature called KNOCK ON ANY DOOR starring the brilliant young JOHN DEREK.

I'm absolutely shocked that even the last dialogue delivered by the lawyer in the Hollywood film was like a Tagalog translation of it, as in: "Knock on any door and you will find Nick Romano."

Not too original from Dr. Fausto J. Galauran, must say :)

Incidentally, KNOCK ON ANY DOOR is one moving film you'll never get tired of watching because of John Derek's very powerful performance. It's one film on teenage angst that's quite thought-provoking, and as moving as the all time classic STUDS LONIGAN.

Andy Ryan said...

the picture quality is still excellent after all these years only the sound system is the only flaw of this film,this movie was big in those days.It was kinda nice watching a lot of pilipino films on those lazy afternoon years of the 50's.


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