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Sunday, August 4, 2013


"Luksang Tagumpay" (1956)
LVN Pictures
Release Date June 8-17, 1956/ Dalisay
Story Mike Velarde
Music F. Buencamino, Jr.
Direction Dr. Gregorio Fernandez
Cast Jaime De la Rosa, Delia Razon, Rebecca Del Rio and Eddie Rodriguez

Luksang Tagumpay won three major FAMAS awards in 1956--- Best Picture, Best Story (Mike Velarde) and Best Cinematography (Remigio Young).

Synopsis: After years of waiting for the absent husband who had been reported missing in the Korean front, Anita (Delia Razon) finally resigns to early widow hood and accepts the insistent pleas of kind, loving and handsome Dr. Ricardo Llamas (Jaime de la Rosa). Marriage brings them happiness but fate has other plans for them.

For one day, the husband, Major Bustamante (Eddie Rodriguez) returns. Dr. Llamas nobly gives way, and even treats the war hero’s blindness, and retires to the provinces to be away from the sight of Anita. Major Bustamante, meanwhile, organizes his own construction firm and makes a success of it.

While celebrating with friends in an exclusive night spot, he meets Lucy (Rebecca del Rio), the proprietress, who recognizes Anita's picture in the Major's wallet as he puts it out to pay for the bill. Lucy is sure that Anita is not the Major's wife but Dr. Llamas, and she proves it by showing a honeymoon picture of her with the doctor.

Angered at the thought of his wife's apparent unfaithfulness, he schemes with Lucy to get even with the wife
. When she begins to be suspicious, he abandons her, to live with Lucy.

In one of his visits to the city, the doctor drops in at Lucy's place, inflaming her old love. The Major discovers them, decides to leave Lucy behind. The doctor also meets Anita who tells him everything.

Wishing to remonstrate with the Major, the doctor goes to his house to find him dying, after a violent scuffle with Lucy.
Circumstantial evidence convicts him to death, but the timely confession of a repentant Lucy finally saves him. (Source: Literary Song-Movie magazine)

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