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Monday, September 24, 2012


"Pag-asa" (1951)- Stars Armando Goyena, Priscilla Cellona, Ike Jarlego, Jr., Rosa Mia, Paco Zamora, Naty Bernardo, Gregorio Ticman/ Directed by Lamberto Avellana

Recently orphaned, Celing (played by Priscilla Cellona in her first starring role) and her robust and playful kid brother Piding (Ike Jarlego Jr) went to Manila to find work in the home of their late parents' hacienda landlord (Paco Zamora). However they were treated miserably by the landlord's ill-tempered second wife, Doña Esperanza (Naty Bernardo).
Physically abused and beaten, Celing and Piding ran away one night and ended up in an amusement park where they met Victor (Armando Goyena), a ferris wheel operator. Victor took pity on them and brought them home to his mother, Aling Teria (Rosa Aguirre). The old woman welcomed the two with open arms.

Celing, who happened to have a good singing voice, was persuaded by Victor's uncle, Mang Sebio (Gregorio Ticman) to join an amateur radio singing contest. She won and it became the start of a very successful singing career. However, her new good fortune brought her no joy because Victor pretended not to care about her at all. Celing was secretly in love with Victor and the young man addressed her as "kid." On the other hand, Victor and Piding became fast friends.

Meanwhile, the scheming Doña Esperanza decided she must take Celing back after reading about her success in the newspaper. She talked to Victor about her decision and even threatened to take the matter to the court. Feeling that it could be for the good of Celing and Piding, Victor had a heart-to-heart talk with Celing and advised her to go back to Doña Esperanza. Celing agreed to return, more so she felt she was nothing at all to Victor. When Piding learned about it, he became hysterical and ran away… only to meet a fatal accident. The concluding parts can be viewed in two parts on the two clips below---

Courtesy of LVN Pictures

Stills: From LVN Pictures

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