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Saturday, February 11, 2012


Kampanang Ginto was a triumph for Carmen Rosales who was earlier refused a screen test at LVN. She became a star in Sampaguita Pictures where she had a feud with Rogelio de la Rosa. She refused to speak with him for many years, during which he had become an LVN star. She agreed to make this film for LVN with Rogelio de la Rosa for a fee that made her the highest paid movie actress at that time. She turned in a shining performance and went on to make other films with the actor. (Source: Dona Sisang Filipino Movies)

"Kampanang Ginto"
LVN Pictures

Release Date: January 21-30, 1949/ Dalisay & Center
Direction Gregorio Fernandez
Cast Carmen Rosales and Rogelio de la Rosa


Sam said...

Is there any info about the story of this film? So far, I've only seen pictures from this one.

Video 48 said...

sorry, no info on the movie...

Enrico Bella said...

What about this Carmen-Rogelio feud? I have heard about it a number of times but no one seems to know what it was all about. Any info on what kept them on non-speaking terms for so long? :)

Sam said...

I think it has something to do with the issue regarding their talent fees. Carmen Rosales found out that Rogelio dela Rosa's talent fee was higher than hers and so she demanded to have her TF raised. I believe it was mentioned in the book "Ang Tang Kong Pag-Ibig: A Tribute to Movie Queen Carmen Rosales". Will check the portion of the book regarding this matter. :)

purplepost said...

How do I get copies of old movies like ibulong mo sa hangin ..the marlene dauden Eddie rodriguez lolita Rodriguez movie tandem


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