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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


A Special Retrospective and tribute to National Artist Fernando Poe Jr. with a unique focus on the man as filmmaker — as D'Lanor and Ronwaldo Reyes — will be held on July 18 to 24 during the 2011 Cinemalaya. Screening schedule and details on my next post.

FPJ's Directorial Works:

1. San Bernardo (FPJ/ 1966)- D’lanor
2. Hanggang May Buhay (FPJ/ 1966)- D’lanor
3. Baril sa aking Kamay (FPJ/1 966)- D’lanor
4. Matimbang and Dugo sa Tubig (FPJ/ 1967)- D’lanor
5. Langit at Lupa (FPJ/ 1967)- D’lanor

to read, click image to enlarge

6. Tatlong Hari (FPJ/ 1968)- D’lanor

7. El Nino (FPJ/ 1968)- D’lanor
8. 14 (All Stars Inc./ 1969)- D’lanor
9. Fastbreak (FPJ/ 1971)- D’lanor
10. Bugoy (FPJ/ 1971)- D’lanor
11. Berdugo (FPJ/ 1972)- D’lanor
12. Ang Agila at ang Araw (FPJ/ 1973)- Ronwaldo Reyes
13. Alupihang Dagat (FPJ/ 1975)- Ronwaldo Reyes
14. Pagbabalik ng Lawin (FPJ/ 1975)- Ronwaldo Reyes
15. Andalucia (Lea/ 1976)- Ronwaldo Reyes
16. Tatak ng Tundo (FPJ/ 1978)- Ronwaldo Reyes
17. King (FPJ/ 1978)- Ronwaldo Reyes
18. At Muling Nagbaga ang Lupa (FPJ/ 1979)- Ronwaldo Reyes
19. Ang Agila at ang Falcon (FPJ-Margarita/ 1979)- Ronwaldo Reyes and Armando Herrera
20. Ang Panday (FPJ/ 1980)- Ronwaldo Reyes

21. Ang Maestro (FPJ/ 1981)- Ronwaldo Reyes
22. Ang Pagbabalik ng Panday (FPJ/ 1981)- Ronwaldo Reyes
23. Ang Panday, Ikatlong Yugto (FPJ/ 1982)- Ronwaldo Reyes

24. Isang Bala Ka Lang (FPJ/ 1983) -Ronwaldo Reyes
25. Umpisahan Mo Tatapusin Ko (FPJ/ 1983)- Ronwaldo Reyes
26. Ang Panday, Ikaapat na Yugto (FPJ/ 1984)- Ronwaldo Reyes
27. Ang Padrino (FPJ/ 1984)- Ronwaldo Reyes
28. Muslim Magnum .357 (EDL Prod/ 1986)- Ronwaldo Reyes
29. Kapag Lumaban ang Api (Lea/ 1987)- Ronwaldo Reyes
30. Ako ang Huhusga, Kapag Puno na ang Salop, Part 2 (FPJ/ 1989)- Ronwaldo Reyes
31. Batas ng 45 (Hiba FarEast Film Int’l/1991)- Ronwaldo Reyes

32. Isang Bala Ka Lang, Part 2 (FPJ/ 1993)- Ronwaldo Reyes
33. Hindi Pa Tapos ang Laban (Viva Films/ 1994)- Ronwaldo Reyes
34. Ang Probinsyano (FPJ/ 1996)- Ronwaldo Reyes
35. Hagedorn (FPJ/ 1996)/ Merdeka Film)- Ronwaldo Reyes
36. Eseng ng Tundo (FPJ/ 1997)- Ronwaldo Reyes
37. Pagbabalik ng Probinsyano (FPJ/ 1998)- Ronwaldo Reyes
38. Ang Dalubhasa (Millennium/ 2000)- Ronwaldo Reyes
39. Batas ng Lansangan (Maverick Films/ 2002)- Ronwaldo Reyes
40. Ang Alamat ng Lawin (FPJ/ 2002)- Ronwaldo Reyes


Unknown said...

Hello Simon...I just checked the credits of Ang Agila At Ang Falcon (1980)and discovered "Ronwaldo Reyes" is listed as co-director alongside Armando Herrera!

Video 48 said...

Thanks for the info, Andrew. However, the theatrical ad had Armando Herrera only. I was also informed that FPJ also had a hand in "Kahit Butas ng Karayom, Papasukin Ko," but was credited entirely to Willy Milan.


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