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Friday, June 8, 2012


serialized in the “Bagong Buhay” magazine and adapted into the screen in 1950, tells of a dashing, wily and sleek G-2 spy agent, Lt. Diego (Jaime de la Rosa) who infiltrated a notorious smuggling syndicate dealing with guns, jewelries, drugs (opium) and even alien infiltrators. He gained the confidence of the alleged boss (played by Director Gregorio Fernandez), but some of the gang members doubted him and kept their distance. Equipped with a spy camera attached to his belt buckle, he uncovered and recorded vital information and sent them over to his headquarter. The gang’s operations were gradually exposed, their goods intercepted and the whole gang was eventually dismantled, the last one at Jolo, one of the vital drop-off points of the syndicate. He learned later on that the mastermind turned out be Mr. Chua (Eusebio Gomez), the father of Celia (Celia Flor), the woman he loved.

One of the exciting scenes of the movie can be viewed on the short clip below---

Courtesy of LVN Pictures

"Kontrabando" (1950)- Stars Jaime dela Rosa, Celia Flor, Tony Santos, Milagros Naval, Gregorio Fernandez, Eusebio Gomez, Ezar Visenio, Armando Garces, Martin Marfil, Jose Corazon de Jesus, Jr./ Directed by Gregorio Fernandez

Alien infiltrators being smuggled into the country were been cornered and apprehended by the authorities.

A suspected government spy being questioned by the syndicate.

---A fight scene at the airport tarmac---

Lt. Diego being tortured by the syndicate.

The mastermind, Mr. Chua (Eusebio Gomez) intercepting a call from her daughter Celia (Celia Flor).
(Stills: LVN Pictures)


TheCoolCanadian said...

Hmmm, looking at this film clip reminds me of Bogart's MALTESE FALCON.

I don't know. Is it the costuming? The film's subject, perhaps?

Oh, well, the trench coat must be one of the culprits!

Video 48 said...

JM, perhaps because of the film's texture or visual style--- when i saw the movie, it reminds me of some of the Hollywood's 40s film noir movies and it comes to mind some of Bogart's films.

Sam said...

Seeing the film clip, I also have Casablanca in mind (so far, the only full Bogart film I've seen). In fact, when I saw Jaime dela Rosa coming out of the plane in the trench coat and hat, I was immediately reminded of Rick and Ilsa bidding their farewells in the airport.

Sa shades lang po nagkatalo sina Jaime at Bogey, hehehe.


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