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Friday, February 26, 2010


Status Magazine/ March 2010


Way before YouTube and pirated DVDs, there were video stores that provided the common person’s movie needs. Video 48 was and continues to be one of them. Founded by Simon Santos in 1988, it became home to hundreds of films in different media through the decades--- from betamax and VHS tapes, laser discs (yes, they still exist), VCDs, and DVDs.

In the mood for a James Dean’s bad boy marathon or maybe some Kurosawa/Hitchcock/Bergman classics? How about a taste of local films starring FPJ and Dolphy from the 70s? Video 48’s extensive line-up of hard-to-find films has attracted a myriad of excellent directors like the late Lino Brocka and Ishmael Bernal, writers Nick Joaquin and Pete Lacaba.

Toys adorn the white walls and wooden shelves as much as posters. A life-sized model of Master Yoda even takes the space at the store’s entrance, as if inviting passers-by to come inside and join the Force. Because as Simon has proven, watching films is more than just a fun activity you do to get away from real life. It is life.


Thanks to Nante Santamaria and to the staff of Status Magazine.


Rodolfo Samonte said...

Da best talaga. Congrats. Might visit sometime mid-April, and see for myself.

Video 48 said...

See you soon Rod!

James DR said...

Simon, ayan nakita ko na rin yung page. Congrats again! Ang layo na talaga ng narating mo at ng Video48!

Video 48 said...

Salamat, James!


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