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Saturday, September 22, 2007


This news item dated Dec.28, 1991, shows that a rare 1940 Batman No.1 comic book was sold for a whooping US$ 40,000. That was almost 16 years ago. Today, the price would have been doubled or probably tripled or quadrupled.

My father used to collect comics, both english and tagalog comic books. That time, he worked as a cartoonist at the Manila Chronicle doing a daily cartoon strip- Kosme the cop (retired) and few other characters- Chain-gang Charlie and Beelzebub- (he's now a well known and respected painter- Malang). Maybe , that's the reason why he's buying lots of comics then, to get , I think, some ideas for his work. That was in the late 40s up to early 60s. As a child, my dad used to buy me Dell, Gold Keys, DC and Marvel comics. Most of them got lost, gave it away to friends and relatives but some are still with me compiled in hard-bound books. The following Tagalog comics, all issues No.1, are some of my father's treasured collections, which I like to share in this blog. Hope you enjoy them.


komiklopedia said...

Hi Simon,
Thanks to the internet, I have found this site. As a komiks fanatic and collector, I am researching and gathering information about Philippine Komiks. With your permission, could I use the images here for my Komiklopedia? It would be nice if you could help me to give some inputs about these komiks.

Maraming salamat!

komiklopedia said...

Unfortunately, out of 21 images, I was able to view 9. Some photos are blocked.

Gerry Alanguilan said...

Ang galing a! Panay #1!


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